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Once again I dove into the comments section to see what medical tv drama you wanted me to review next and it seemed like Dr. House or House M.D. was the …


  1. For House being such a super genius that his boss refuses to fire, I guess he has never really taken a look at the research behind the positive impact of a great bed side manner and how that might help patients dealing with these illnesses he is so keen on getting rid of. Even if the patient is lying, he could learn some important detail that the tests may not have been able to explain, which as you pointed out, he should have done anyway. I guess doing something nice that could help his patients recover faster or even potentially save their life is less important than protecting his super cool, toxic masculine ego.

  2. I absolutely love your show and it teaches me so much.As I suffer from idiopathic intercranial hypertension,gastroperis,
    Epilepsy and austism
    Just wanted to say Hi and thank you for doing this show.
    Hi from South Africa Johannesburg

  3. Also in my opinion the most unrealistic part of this show is his vicodin addiction. They don't make hydrocodone/norcos without acetaminophen in it, so taking addict levels of vicodin is insanely dangerous. Getting as sick as he does when he goes off the opiates he would have to be taking 150mg or more per day. I always called bullshit on that. In reality he would've moved up to oxy or dilauded.

  4. you should look at 'cells at work' (Hataraku Saibou) it's a japanese anime based on the human body functions and how they work as well as how they handle infections, diseases etc i think you'll enjoy it

  5. I'm only a teenager, but I'm interested in physical therapy and I've done a little research, and I'm pretty sure that he's holding is cane on the wrong side? Also I think house is a bitch

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