Pro Cannabis Doctor Found Dead At Her Home

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  1. Get real!!!!!!!!! This Beautiful Woman was MURDERED, MURDERED, MURDERED. The Pot industry has the potential of making many Minority Family legal BILLIONAIRES. Wealthy minority families is seen as a large threat to the ruling WHITE CLASS!!!!!! Generational wealth is the coin of ruling CLASS.

  2. Wait, be patient. Yahweh will decapitate the devil when they least expect it. That will be our time to get the hell out before he finishes her off. Also, if there was no forced entry into the crime scene then you cannot rule out that whoever committed this crime was someone she probably knew.

  3. It's obvious as 2 who is behind these killings. These pharmaceutical companies are hiring hit men 2 carry out these killings. What or who else could it be? Anyone w/ an ounce of brain can see this. But when you get in the way of White people making millions and perhaps billions of dollars, THEY WILL KILL YOU!!!!!

  4. You might as well joining the Nation of Islam if you're going to be a holistic doctor cuz use a peon in this industry. Cuz nobody out here is not going to protect you for helping the people.

  5. This is click bait as it makes one think it has just occurred. Even so I still appreciate it as I wasn't aware. As I was wondering could medicinal weed help my eyes. I searched the internet, and was told no I would have to smoke a ton ( large amount) to reap the benefits; but such a amount would would cause many side effects. It discouraged me. Now I run across this info, and now I believe it can help.
    Hakuna Muhimu

  6. Come on y'all. Let's be Honest here: Everyone Knows Damned-Well that this Beautiful Dr,was "Assassinated" by those who Don't want them to go against the "Status Quo." R.I.P Doctor. May those "Evil Bastards" pay for ALL they've done to those who Wanted and actually Tried to Help the Human Race.

  7. Big PHARMA making EXTREMELY too much money on these OPIOIDS just to have some young doctor give you the blueprint, of the health benefits in edible marijuana.

    Like this new drug they have coming out now, that is 1,000 TIMES more powerful than some of these OPIOIDS that already out. The house and Senate already approved this drug to the masses.

    I'm more than positive that this drug has cocaine in it; due to the fact that our government continuing involvement in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly laughable at this point.

    Y'all know damn well they are not in Afghanistan because of terrorism; these mothafuckas are there mining those poppy fields and profiting by sending this CRAP on military planes to chop it up so that big PHARMA can produce these high grade OPIOIDS; using their own collective as test monkeys to this market.

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