This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! For this week we are going over all of the indoor organic cannabis grows from cloning in veg to phenohunting in the 5×5 …


  1. Lets hear it down below, you team Indica? or team Sativa?. Please feel free to leave questions down below, I do my best to answer everyone.


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  2. Hell yea man great video. Put together well and very informative enjoyable to watch and easy to maintain the knowledge that easy interpreted by yourself. Keep it up man

  3. For me it dont matter indica or sativa as long as it is strong and not all tiny popcorn buds…. Lately ive been smoking alot of platinum kush frosty fluffy cant complain

  4. You're great at creating videos but I've been watching your videos every week for about 3 months and they just seem all over the place. Its difficult to understand what is going on

  5. Hey Mr C….just wondering,, can i get buds any bigger after theyve started browning off??…had a too hot issue first 3 weeks of 12/12…and now into week 8…not as good as id hoped…gna try 2 more weeks to see if fattens up…but any thoughts??

  6. Indica. Not just for the effect, but they’re so damn pretty.

    Another great video, Matt. Don’t ever stop! My only complaint is I have to wait a week for the next one.

  7. Hey dude looking amazing an defo sativa through the day an indica at nite but Sunday anything goes lol the dog is taking the spot light 😂peace out keep up the great work ✌🏼👍🏼👏🏼🌱❤️🇬🇧

  8. Great info and fun editing. Do you ever get your plants growing close to (3-4 inches) the LED and getting rusty/crispy looking? I'm currently having that experience in my grow box with four Citizen COBs, 120-degree lenses and a HLG 240 Meanwell driver. The unit uses roughly 250 watts.

  9. So you need to deplete nutrients by the end of flower to get the best terpin results from the strain?
    How would you calculate when to stop feeding/fertilizing?

    Using Fox farm ocean forest soil and mega crop nutrients in water sparingly. New pheno but I'm thinking 10 week flower.

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