1. You’re going to go far doing youtube if your videos are made with this amount of effort, not mad you popped up in my recommendations at all. Also very easy to look at so i can only see it going up from here. Good luck

  2. Blegh..I took Alpha Brain 2 months ago and became so nauseous from just taking two pills. Next came the sweats, confusions, anxiousness…etc. I am not a fan of the stuff.

  3. I was on the fence about trying Alpha Brain. But after reviewing your video. I think I will give it a shot. I am willing to try anything once. I will take one bottle. LOL Money isn't an issue. But I do value money. I will be back to write my comment and feedback.

  4. Very well made video! But what makes me suspicious is the amount of times you say "alpha brain". Seems like a marketing technique to get us comfortable with the product. That being said, if this is secretly a paid ad, I don't disapprove :). Also just earned yourself a sub!

  5. All of this video is voided by you claiming over the top effects at the start of the video as a sales pitch acting like you've taken 4 Adderall, even if this stuff actually worked (for which there is no proof much like medication before it has been through multiple trials from different institutions) you're trying to sell it like Kylie Jenner's make up kits which puts off people who could be actually interested. 10/10 for misleading people for your own gain

  6. Hello Skye, I know this one is a simple request, but I was wondering if you could do a Groupon spa day and review or anything Groupon related to see if its worth the discount or just to buy something the old fashion way. thank you Artemisia

  7. Wow this is a rare sight on youtube… Being in the first 5k subs of a channel that's gonna blow up ..
    I just searched for Alpha Brain, your video was the second to pop up (i watch a lot of Rogan, so the engine is biased 😉 ), and now I'm very excited to try them out!
    I'm fine AT working, but it's a battle to get into the state of working sometimes.

    Also, in case you didn't get it subtle from my first phrases – You've got skills! I hope you'll become much bigger, because you really deserve it. Keep it up 🙂

    Edit: Apparently I was lying. You were the first result.

  8. I take a nootropic called “cloud n9ne brain booster” from buylegalmeds website. Let me say that it’s a lot like lsd in that it makes your brain function more clear and the euphoria is insane. Plus your eyesight will get so much better. The first hour after taking it you will get a bit dizzy and your heart will go to 180 beats or higher per minute but after that you get into a 6 hour high of pure love

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