1. I found it is totally possible to legalize/de-criminalize. I lived in The Netherlands, and with some education available to learn how to balance it, just like alcohol or coffee… We will be fine, and a lot of relaxed happy people on a friday evening after a work week haha

  2. It is stupidly clear that cannabis should be legalized. Because alcohol is served very late at night where I live, I can never have a good nights rest because of all the drunk idiots screaming and punching each other through the street. Alcohol whether you like it or not, effects so many people indirectly that it's pathetic. Cannabis on the other hand hardly ever causes conflict to others except to the people who choose to have it. We torture smokers by making tobacco legal to buy but forbidding them to be allowed to smoke anywhere, even their own homes. That to me is cruelty. Please legalize cannabis. Don't wait 10 years and put the issue on the backburner, because I think we all see certain sectors of the government stalling for time long enough. Give Australians a fair share by entitling them to what most of the other countries already have.

  3. 7:05 Just a side note. It's not freely available in Turkey. The government allows some verified farmers to grow hemp for industrial and scientific purposes (with low THC) and absolutely forbids the production of cannabis.
    Anyway, legalization of cannabis is slowly being accepted by countries. The question is how early will the legalization happen in Australia.

  4. Alcohol: Addiction, Overdose (drinking yourself to death), voilent rage, liver/kidney/internal damage, hangover etc.

    Marijuana: Dependence not Addiction, No Overdose whatsoever, No voilent rage, No internal damage, no hangover etc.

    The debate whether it should be legal or illegal is stupid, listen to what the public want retards…

  5. I have no interest in smoking weed, whatsoever, but the fact of the matter is I, if i so wish, have the right to make my own choices regarding my own health, it is nobody's business but my own. The state does not have the right to make personal choices on my behalf, and the state does not have the right to make decisions on behalf of an entire society, as if to pretend all of society thinks the same way

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