Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail – Leafly Reviews

Meet the Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail! Available in Nevada dispensaries, Kalvara’s cannabis cocktail is optimized for high bioavailability, ensuring it hits your …


  1. I think the definition of review isn't really being met if the person talking hasn't used the actual product. How does it taste? How does it feel? If you haven't used it, how do you know what you're talking about? How am I supposed to believe you?

  2. She definitely isn't a "Blackbelt" as far as cannabis is concerned cause she is just too young, she doesn't have enough under her belt per say, with that being said she doesn't look high or buzzed at all. Only Masters of the Art know what I mean, but it's almost forced on her part. I would like to see a well seasoned pot head after they consume this product and hear from them…sorry I'm not sold on this yet.

  3. Does it have high bioavailability because it's a liquid? Or is there a specific method in which it's made that makes it absorb faster? Bc if we're going soley based on the description – it's bc it's liquid and is absorbed in your small intestine.

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