1. An issue I tend to find in Rogans show is the sub conscious first world mentality.
    I've seen Kashmiri mountain people with 2$ rubber shoes walk the mountains endlessly without saying a word.
    I've seen Indian children who were just tough as nails with 0 money and a huge smile on their faces.
    Just true testaments to human accomplishments not dependent on social or self acceptance; a "just do it" mentality that doesn't exist in the over-thinking, over-analyzing world.

  2. imo the high comfort slip ons that nike make are awesome for running, probably not as good for efficiency but id rather have my shoe absorb the impact rather than my foot, natural human environments are grass lands so we're not evovled for tarmac however animals evolved for higher impacts do infact have wedges, look at an elephants foot for example

  3. I used to walk around barefoot as a kid and it became a regular habit of mine then by the time i was a teen i could walk on rocks like it was nothing my feet didnt even hurt doing it

  4. It seems like they can't accept the middle ground, to try selling overpriced feet socks. Running with a squishy/air sole or a really pronounced heel doesn't make sense, but you can run with a very hard sole and get the same results, without wasting your money in "feet socks" or freezing your feet running on sandals. Use common cheap shoes, in your real size (90% of people buy oversized shoes), tie them well so your feet and the sole are one, and run with the correct middle feet form. You don't need any type of impact absorption system, BUT you don't need to have your feet half naked either. Minimal runners end up with their feet fingers and feet soles destroyed, not because of impact, but because of terrain conditions. Run bare-footed on a treadmill if you want, but doing that outdoors is beyond stupid

  5. Ok but why would I want to do this? Why would I want to toughen my feet for the little increase in speed I get?

    I understand him wanting to increase his speed and decrease he weight so he doesn't exhaust himself as fast. For the average person there is no need for this though.

    When I wear my work boots all day I don't care about every millisecond of speed, I care whether me feet, hips, and back are going to kill me after walking around farmland or inside concrete shops all day. I'm stepping in deep muddy areas and on big rocks and sometimes I need to kick a 500lb piece of steel to move it over another inch to line it up to what I need.

    I'm looking for armor on my feet. When I'm walking in a mall or something on hard concrete, I still want some cushy shoes because concrete is hard as hell and that force transfers all the way up your hips and back.

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