1. i really appreciate this video. it sheds some light on the multiple uses of cannabis and how it's not all about getting high. a lot of people i've talked to about using cbd say it is so helpful with physical pain and mental health

  2. My best friend Andrew makes a topical cream that seriously works wonders. Has cured skin cancer in so many people. Unfortunately it’s only local, in Victoria BC! but when they take off I’ll make sure to send you some

  3. My boyfriend recently got shingles at 26 years old and it was the most painful thing for him he’s ever gone through and CBD cream was one of the only things that gave him some relief! He said it wasn’t totally numbing but it calmed his nerves and worked better than any OTC pain pill ever did. It was so great that we ended up ordering the oil too for stress and anxiety because we believed in it so much.

  4. I use CBD products all the time for my anxiety! I’ve tried a lot of different brands, green road being one of them (although I’ve only tried their gummies.) I usually eat one when I know i’m doing something that day that will trigger my anxiety. I personally get anxious when i know I have a long drive so I eat a gummy before i leave and I think it really helps. I hope it keeps working for you and if you do keep up with it and make more videos I will make sure to watch!

  5. CBD has helped me so much with anxiety too. i was prescribed an SNRI and couldn’t sleep, had digestive issues, shaky hands, i only made it through a week of taking it. within HOURS of using CBD drops i felt less anxiety. you don’t really feel anything from taking it, at least i don’t, it just sort of makes me feel like a normal person without anxiety must feel like. i can avoid circular thinking patterns much easier and let things go. i really really recommend people try it too 🙂 thanks for sharing liz, hopefully you spread the message and help lots of people !!

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience! Also, I personally haven't used it but both my mom and grandma have arthritis and recently started using cbd cream for their pains and apparently it does help them. Hope it continues to help you too.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you for this. I'm so inclined to try the chammomile tea. I need it for my muscle spasms. I already drink chamomile tea why not try this one. I appreciate it so much. Much love from Cali 🖤

  8. I have severe anxiety. I struggle with working, I haven't had a job & I'm 21 years old because I'm so scared. I have a son & I need to get my life together, I stay home his father works but I need to help out & I've been looking for something to actually help & I've been so curious about cbd. Thank you for this!

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