1. When you worry, just know that God created you & everything you know, His son died for YOU & is always with you. Only thing anyone needs to worry about is knowing where they go when this short life is over. Cast all your worries on HIM & TRUST HIM in every moment, even if you don't understand. Just know your life has already been written, your mistakes aren't a surprise to Him. Jesus says "Nothing you confess, could make me love you less." When your worried or afraid, give it to HIM and let it go. You will be surprised how much God & Jesus love you & care for you. Every awful thing that happens in your life, has a purpose. Gives you strength & wisdom to share & help others who felt the same pain as you. We are all brothers & sisters. We just need to pray more, worry less. Prayers change things! God Bless! Jesus loves you more than you could ever imagine, no matter what you do, HE LOVES YOU! HE WANTS TO SET YOU FREE!!

  2. Been quite some time since I watched your vids, and I gotta say, you're looking younger. Whatever it is you're doing, keep at it. And the blond hair suits you 👍

  3. Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing. Can you make a video about how to increase motivation and how to remain positive? I love your positive outlook/demeanor and admire your motivation. I find it difficult to stay motivated sometimes because I don't really care all that much about money/material things. What motivates you most?

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