How To Make & Take Dabs in 10 Minutes! 420-KIEF DABS?! – 2017 – Without RIG!

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  1. Thanks for watching! I will be uploading a new, much higher quality producing method soon. Everything in this video does work fine, but be sure to check what kind of metals you're using before burning them. Also, this was a small yield and a very small scale project. That being said, press more get more.

  2. Ive been pressing rosin for years, and have my own little system. But i get so irked when watching other people do it. Number one, you only added like 10-20lbs of pressure to it, real rosin presses add thousands of pounds of pressure. Use your body weight for christs sake. Number 2, am i the only person on earth who figured out the best waycto scrape rosin from parchment is by using a pocket knife? I mean seriously, its common sense. If you need to scrape a wax off of parchment paper, a pocket knife is gonna be your best bet, not a damn screwdriver or a dabber. Use a pocket knife. Number 3, press your kief into a hash puck before putting it into the parchment.

  3. Guys i done think a screw driver is a good idea. Burning off any finish and smoking it probably isn't good. Shit are we back in 1995? Plenty of better, cheap options to toss that burnt screwdriver.

  4. A few things to help u: u know ur not supposed to use a real nail. U got no smoke from that. Most of the smoke blew away cuz u don't have a dome anyway, even if u did have a real nail for smoking. And that nail was piping hot and u touch it, idiots.

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