1. It is a moot point. The government has no right to legislate what someone does with their own body. We are autonomous creatures and no government owns our bodies, even though most think that they do.

  2. Drug tests are a form of discrimination and employers should be ashamed for turning away valuable talent. Drug tests are used to prove ANY RECORD OF USE rather than regular abuse.. you could of quit a year ago, but because you hit the weed EVER IN YOUR LIFE YOU DONT GET THE JOB LOL.

  3. I have nothing to hide I’m a Mormon. I just got a job and I am a little upset about this I went to doctors for my physical which made me feel violated as a sexual assault victim and in no way making a sexual assault victim (recent) change okay it can be triggering and could have sent me over the deep end. This job has violated me I hate it but I only took it so I had money to move out

  4. It's not just the urine tests that give false positives. The field tests are a "prop used to extract confessions from suspects", but most police don't know this. They believe the tests are real. People are being arrested. It costs THOUSANDS of dollars, and many innocent people are manipulated to agree to accept a "deal". Their lives are destroyed by this, and some of them have literally NEVER used drugs, and test negative on drug tests. Crime labs are finding sugar, bread crumbs, etc, submitted as "evidence". By the time those gas chromatography reveals the person's innocence, they have spent many thousands of dollars, their name has been dragged through the mud. It is a terrible injustice.

  5. Let me get this right. You have to pass a test to receive government benefits that you paid for in taxes yet you do not have to pass a test "before" paying taxes. What about testing congressmen and our president? What about the fourth Amendment and the fifth amendment protections against search and seizure and the probable cause protections in our constitution? Is being poor probable cause to search your body? What about civil rights. Can a specific class if income earners be tested with no probable cause? Who pays for these tests? Who pays for the legal battle when false positives occur? Who pays for the destroyed lives?

  6. So you should not be allowed to work if you use marajuan. You feel other people bosses or government officials have a need to know or a right to check your bodily fluids at any time for any reason. Because if you have nothing to hide than you have a 90,% chance it will be ok.

  7. I'm so relieved that I'm not the only falsepositive now
    I'm 59 yrs old…..
    Had a family Dr. I loved for over 10 yrs. Due to taking antihistamines I tested positive to only loose my trusted family Dr. Unfortunatly I'm disabled & need care…..now what do I do ? I'm so very embarrased

  8. I was getting admitted to a mental health facility and I had to do a drug test and it said i had THC (I kinda understand) Barbituates and benzos. I was like HOLD Up lol. And no, i dont smoke laced weed lol

  9. The government wants you on drugs but just the ones Congress holds in shares of stock. They won't you doing drugs that damage your body so then they can collect money from pills and health care that they hold stock in also. They want you doing cigarettes and alcohol and opiates because they get a cut of the action.

  10. If tests aren't accurate then why the fuk do we listen to a electric powered fukin object to decide? I was high af and passed idk how, but I been smoking weed most of my life. Like if yous aren't gonna pay me for sitting on my ass at home getting high then piss off and eat a fat one mate!!!

  11. My parents tested me with one of thoes home tests and it came up positive for THC even though i never had even smoked in the last 8 months, they even posted it on fucking facebook and i told them it was wrong, but what do i know… cause ya know the test is always right according to them i honestly will never trust a drug test ever again

  12. Marijuana tests for life insurance is driven by stigmatism if you ask me. People associate marijuana with gangs first rather than a college freshman studying computer science. I don't believe there is any evidence to conclude that marijuana use shortens lifespans since formal, unbiased, federally approved research is hard to come by. This is because the only institutions federally authorized to distribute marijuana for laboratory use and license their operations campaign against usage of marijuana entirely.

    Insurance companies are likely looking for affiliations with gangs rather than a scientific reason to deny life insurance coverage. Because, if you think about it, gang members are more likely to be killed than non-gang members. The problem is that normal people far outnumber gang-affiliated marijuana users.

    As for marijuana tests for jobs, this makes no sense to me. The recreational usage of marijuana is no different than the recreational use of alcohol. The only difference is that marijuana is much harder to be addicted to. So does it make sense that an occasional marijuana user would be denied a job while an alcoholic that's late for work every so often because of their habits is not?

  13. I did an at home $140 drug test that was given to me by my last manager and was purchased by the company to screen new employees. So it was supposed to be reasonably accurate. I tested positive for opiates =/ I have never done opiates in my life am not currently taking any medication of any kind not even ibuprofen or cough syrup and have not eaten any poppy seeds! wtf! Im kinda angry at the testing system right now.

    Protonix–generic name pantoprazole sodium
    NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, Orudis KT, Advil, Motrin, and Aleve, were once thought to cause false positive
    Marinol, generic name dronabinol,
    Hemp seed oil, kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease and riboflavin, or B2, are also thought to be capable of causing a false positive
    SUBLINGUAL B12 in a direct test by a company in Florida that regularly test for this cannabinol.
    truly a LIE BECAUSE THC (DOES NOT SHOW IN URIN ) NEVER they are testing for (metabolites) . when they show then the lab claims this is proof of THC

  15. Can a hair follicle drug test (or any drug test) scientifically prove you purposefully/intentionally TOOK a drug? Because the law is convicting me that I have purposely USED drugs rather then inadvertently/unintentionally USED drugs.

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