1. hiya mark and co (everyone on this page) Im half way through this episode, I listen on my mp3 player when i go to bed, then fall asleep before the end, then next day resume at some point during the show, wonderful material as usual mark, and ya co host joe who always has the same surname as you cause he's ya son, and ya say that every week lol..hahaha. 🙂

    oh yes, iv heard ya say many times, for burns just pour unactivated chlorine dioxide on the burn, soooo, I burnt my finger today with boiling hot steam, so i thought, ok lets try it, and it stung like mad for the 1st five minutes, but hey, half an hour latter its a million times better, I guess ya could say this is a mini testimony 🙂

    My friend though, he's 70 years old, he had white fungus right down the side of his tongue, and all over the inside of his mouth, ,and really bad sore spots all through his mouth and the fungus was also down his throat, he was in constant pain every time he ate, and he'd tried everything the doctor gave him for it, but nothing touched it, he mixed 20 drops of chlorine dioxide, and 20 drops activator, and 20 drops of dmso, and mouth washed through the day for a week, he'd had this condition for at least 10 years, but within two weeks he was pain free and no sign of fungus or anything, completely clear, however it does come back after a month or so without continued clo2 mouth washes, and when that happens he rinces again, the problem being that he's on a stash of pharmaceutical medications, and makes no effort to come of them, including injecting insulin for type 1 diabetes, he eats tons of bread that's loaded with bromide, he's also a vegetarian who eats a very bad vegetarian diet, if ya gona be a vegetarian ya gotta get it right, personally i agree with you mark on ya views regarding meat, eggs etc, all grass fed organic as well as all the vegetables and everything the Good lord made available, including sodium chlorite, stay safe mark your a brave person, >>>Psalm 34:7

  2. Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you that I keep My Sacramental Waters in my car, close to me for any emergency. The other day I got a very painful earache while I was at work. During my break, I mixed the MMS, poured into my ear, the pain did not reduced quickly so I took it orally. Not even after a minute, the pain went away. To God be the Glory❤️

  3. G2 Voice —Mark after all the disgusting racist things Trump has done (call black athletes SOBs and separating and imprisoning Mexican children). How could you support Trump? I just don't get it?

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