1. Thank you Gunottama Maharaj, it make difference to present to the kaanada speaking people how Svarana TV holding people of Krnataka as stupid, as nobody in Karnataka is speakng kaanada. They constantly lieing to them missleading, drilling hate, cutting possibility to discover and freedom and blessingss that Swamiji has come to bring to them.

  2. Maharaj! Thumbnail says 'Complaint Filed Against Nithyananda With CCB For Provoking People To Consume Weed'. Should be renamed as it suggests on first glance that he is guilty of this which we both know is a bloody lie! It's straight persecution! Maybe it could be changed to "Response to Complaint Filed Against Nithyananda With CCB For Provoking People To Consume Weed in defense of Nithyananda" or something like this.

  3. Thanks for clarifying the real truth word by word Maharaj. Nithyananda Swamiji advocates pure organic vegetarianism, Haritaki, Hindu pooja, Hindu temples, Yoga… for detoxing and living powerfully for a long time. Media is twisting and abusing His words as usual

  4. Suvarna News is the master PEDDLER of FAKE-NEWS… A sick #Presstitute organization with funding from barbaric Church, Jihadis and Commies. They are controlled by Abrahamic AsiaNet News who want mass proselytizing…. Time for Hindus to awaken !

  5. Suvarnna News is misleading KANNADA PEOPLE. The reports are misleading & instigating people. The Ministry of Information & brodacasting need to step in & take stringent actions against such channels for irresponsible broadcasting.Personnaly my experience & many spiritual seekers like me have transformed following Sri Nithyananda Swamiji satsangs & programmes world over. For such great spiritual leaders are rare, the whole world leaders & communities acknowledge his works for Humanity. And here we have a local news channel misleading public with baseless fraud news.

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