Beware of The Cannabis Stock Bubble!

Cannabis Stocks have been experiencing a high time on the stock market, and it seems we all know someone riding the Pineapple Express to financial freedom.

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  1. I bought into Canopy Growth when they first came out onto the venture market at $2.27 per share. My brokerage account shows it’s a gain of 1,637% currently. I already cashed 1/2 of the stock so I’ve taken out nearly 10x what I put in. I also bought aurora at around $2 a share (much later), and sold half of it for around $9. Do I think they will crash? Good chance. But I can’t help wishing I had gone all in on canopy in the beginning, would be a multimillionaire today. Hindsight of course being 20/20 and it would have been the investing equivalent of taking my nest egg to the casino.

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