1. Fight it in court buddy. Fight it in court. It's almost never worth starting to argue with the cop. Be as nice as possible and it's likely that you'll get off the hook and if you still get a citation that was not legal Fight It In Court. Arguing with a cop will just get ya in more trouble.EDIT: You handled it pretty well.

  2. 0:35 'what brings you to california' is a form of 'small talk' and any other answer would have been more cordial and functional in the situation, but you chose to poke agitate escalate the situation to score a youtube video and waste an hour of time. i've always talked my way out of tickets and problems with US cops and customs/border patrol, but with canadian cops, customs and border patrol its a crap shoot, half sent me packing twice at the border, most have no sense of humor to work with.

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