WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU QUIT ALCOHOL &My relationship with alcohol

What up earthlings! In this video I discuss my relationship that I had with alcohol and why I chose to quit.I also discuss some of the many benefits of quitting!


  1. I feel for the stories of people recovering but omg…I can’t stand people who are selfish enough to drink and drive. What if instead of hitting a tree you killed a child? It’s just such an awful thing to do.

  2. I'm so proud of you. You spoke my situation, I'm on the way to sobriety it feels so great I look forward to my successful future without that poison! Thanks beautiful for the motivation much love 😍😘

  3. Love your video really has me motivated to quit alcohol (once again) If you can do it, I can do it! Oh and I just discovered my local bottle shop sells 0% beers! I think this will help a lot of people on the start of their sober journey xx

  4. Giving up alcohol was the best thing I've ever done for myself. This video made me cry because it sounds so familiar. My journey with alcohol was equally as destructive and now I always share my story with anyone and everyone I think it may help. After drinking I spent all my time learning to love myself and learning ways to reverse the damage I had caused to my mind, body, and spirit over the years. That's what led me to a raw plant-based diet and the vast wealth of healing and detoxing knowledge I've acquired. Thanks for being an inspiration and putting yourself and your story out there for others to hear. I know it'll help many!

  5. I stopped drinking 6 days ago. A lot of crazy things were going on with my health. I had one side of my throat swollen…now it's gone down dramatically. I used to drink over 12 drinks of hard liquor a week. I started this to lose weight but I am seeing a lot of benefits in general.

    Thank you for sharing your journey.

  6. Dear Miren.I had something to add this sad story we live through…actually makes me cry always.When you drink,your hormone levels get so out of whack,that your sexual desire dissapear,and it gets so bad,that that regular hug and kiss you do when you get home from work disappear as well…and the man loves you to death suffering,thinking,you are cheating on him,because you don't wanna touch him anymore.The pain in his eyes and the suffering is so sad,he just doesn't know the alcohol makes you irritated by thouch,he thinks you might feel disgust by him…The pain I caused him I think one of my biggest regret,so I wanna make sure it won't happen as anymore.I am still with him,because that's how he is,a stupid ass ,who deserve better than me..I wanna make sure I make it up to him.That shit,that poison can destroy so precious relationships….we say stupid stuff we don't even mean,and when we get sober,we cannot take it back..Anyway…I stopped drinking…I got sick of that my life was going nowhere.I always loved to learn languages.I started out so well…and when drinking got worst I just lived day by day.Doing nothing.And months passed by,and one year,two years,three years…and I am thinking,by now I could speak at least three languages fluently.Do you know how it effects your life.Great job opportunities.,better life…But it never too late!Never too late to experience life the fullest!,,, Thank you girl.

  7. You’re extremely brave for this girl, so much respect! do you have any probiotic suggestions?? I know its possible to get them through things like kombucha which I love and other drinks/food but do you take any supplements?

  8. Fantastic video!!! Much respect to you for sharing your story… That isn't easy to do for the whole world to see, so major props! I'm from that same small town… Moved to WY for awhile & moved back to Iron Range in 2014. I hope to get back out of here eventually, but for the time being I'm stuck. I actually only experienced one point in my life where drinking became a problem for me, & that was over 7 years ago now… but I watched your whole video anyway because you made a lot of good points regardless, & I've been in a number of codependent relationships where I was an enabler to an alcoholic. I've also overcome my own past drug addiction. Your video has a very positive & uplifting message… Which is something I needed right now as I've been in a very dark place emotionally for almost the past 6 months. I've been trying to make a lot of changes & find myself… Which makes me happy, but at the same time proves to be a difficult task for me, as I've spent my life being a codependent & jumping from one relationship right into the next (as you'd mentioned you'd done) & along my journey of self discovery I've learned that I have Borderline Personality Disorder, which makes relationships more of a challenge for me anyway. I really lost myself, as I'd dive headfirst into my relationships & the needs & dreams & goals of others, without ever stopping to ask myself what my own goals were or even really set any of my own. I'm finally doing that now. Been single the past 6 months, which is the longest period of time I've ever stayed single for since I was 17 years old, sad to admit! And even tho it's so that I can work on myself & my life without distraction, it's also because I'm still madly in love with & obsessed with my ex & can't seem to shake those feelings or move on from that relationship… So hence the depression. I recently started taking an antidepressant med again, because I found myself having disturbing thoughts about death & not wanting to live… Just really idealizing the concept of death I guess you could say, altho not outright suicidal. But I don't want it to get to that point. Much like you said alcohol does, I feel what the antidepressant does is just really dull my entire emotional range. I don't particularly like that, but for the time being, until I learn to better control my emotions (also a very difficult thing for "borderlines" like myself to do), I feel temporarily being on an antidepressant is better than becoming suicidal. I'd be very curious to see a video about learning how to not pick up the emotional frequencies of others so much as an empath. I'm not sure if I'm full empath or if it's the BPD that makes me so in tune with the emotions of others & to take those on myself?! Since borderlines are essentially walking magnets that just get our entire sense of self from the people we spend the majority of our time with, & take on similar interests & attitudes, it's possible I'm just so in tune to the emotions of others because of that. Thank you for sharing & all your helpful advice & really taking the time to care & try to make a difference in the world!! So few do that these days! Love & light! ❤✨

  9. Mad Respect, Maren! 🙌🏽💯 I am from the same small town and when I would visit from California, people were rude to me, because I would not drink. Was I pregnant? Was I in recovery? None, of your damn business! I just do not like alcohol. It is a culture in certain area's and very sad to see how people treat beer & wine, as if they are not alcohol. STAY STRONG ❤️☮😘

  10. Beautiful person inside & out!!! You had some devine intervention, the universe or the higher power so to speak listened to your request!!! I don't know you personally but I'm proud of you & you putting this story out there, take's Ball's to do as such!!! Have you ever thought about doing an Ayahuasca Retreat? Mucho luv!!

  11. Girl ive had similar things u went through happen to me……i still drink almost daily. I drink at home nd alone for most part due to loneliness n boredom. I dont get drunk buttttt i wana quit this cycle so i can manifest n b a better me instead of being stagnate. Glad your ok n thanks for sharing your story! Luvvvv uuuuuuuuuuu soul sista!!!! Stay strong 💕💜💕🙏✌

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