1. In grade 8 I had this "friend" (Turns out she just used me) and she kept pressuring me to do stuff. Like oh you should smoke, you should vape, you should drink, and you should try drugs. She had all of that and she kept bugging me and bugging me to try something. She kept on pressuring me and making fun of me for "being to chicken". I wasnt chicken I just knew it wasnt good. Also it was when I was diagonzed with depression. So I finally tried a cigarette. I took one puff, and another, and then another. Next thing I knew what I was doing was wrong. I promised my parents I would never try smoking. I knew it was bad for my health. I felt like I needed to try another one. I wasnt addicted but I felt like I needed to smoke again. No matter how hard it was I kept resisting every time "my friend" offered me another cigerette. Eventually I was fine and it was over

  2. "I feel over in my garden" me laughing. Because I can so relate to that in a different way 😂 nothing like being 13 and picking up the wrong cup. I picked up a cup of beer, let's just say I feel in the river

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