Tucker takes on supporter of legalized marijuana

Canada becomes the second nation in the world to fully legalize the sale and recreational consumption of marijuana; should Americans take notice? Mason …


  1. Tucker is way off on this one. Drug dealers don't ID kids and stores do. I've also never seen anyone destroyed by smoking weed. That being said legalization has been a farce in Canada. The weed in stores sucks and in my home province it's illegal to smoke it anywhere in public and in some cases outside on your own property. It's way easier to get a fine or charge for marijuana use now than ever beforw

  2. It's absurd to think that you can't smoke weed recreationally and still be a productive member of society. Sorry Tucker, but your view on marijuana is distorted. Here have a blunt, it's on me.

  3. Agree with tucker on most things EXCEPT this , tucker would rather see kids go to jail over a little bit of weed rather than legalization … ya WRONG on this tucker just look at the Thumbs down ya received on this 1 !

  4. Tucker Carlson seems to have issue's with facts. The guest knows exactly what he is talking about. Tucker always has this need to win any debate, and it he doesn't mind if the fact are not on his side. Just sad.

  5. I love how he accused the younger population for being socialist and starts screaming about how the government wants to get all cozy with big corporations in marijuana. TOBACCO KILLS PEOPLE EVERY DAY AND THE GOVERNMENT COLLECTS THE TAX REVENUE TO KEEP THEIR RELATIONS WITH BIG TOBACCO

  6. Tucker, I think that having the facts straight before you debate something would be a good idea. You are extremely uninformed on this. Doing some preliminary research could have saved you the embarrassment here.

  7. Tucker there's a difference between being around people who do marijuana and actually studying it. For a long time I used to be against it simply because of the fact that the smell of it was absolutely putrid and vomit inducing but then I tried it myself and as I looked into it I found that there are many ways of consuming it without the awful smell and taste. Once I tried it and discovered that it worked wonders for my anxiety and ptsd i went from strongly against it to being all for it. Please do your research before spouting at the mouth about something you don't know. I rather take marijuana over antidepressants any day. I take marijuana mixed with CBD, mostly CBD as i prefer the healing over the high, in addition I'm in intensive psychotherapy for my PTSD and trauma and anxiety, all of that put together and I'm slowly starting to feel rejuvinated and like a brand new person like never before. So again, please do some research and maybe consider trying it yourself before knocking it.

  8. This is why I don't take Tucker seriously anymore. As soon as he gets fact checked, he interrupts and rambles bullshit. Admit that you're wrong and move on.

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