everything you remember is correct, you are not crazy and yes your memories are fine we are in an alternating frequency of consciousness and our simulation has been changed. This One book called ONE CONSCIOUSNESS- SIMULATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS INSTRUCTION MANUAL will reveal everything from our animated physical reality , our consciousness singularity ,what has happened with us with the Mandela effect phenomenon.What is in the afterlife, What happens before we are born and more. It explains the spiritual body of creation and the laws of duality that creation is founded upon. Being a wayseer and spiritual teacher from reaching the state of divine knowing of enlightenment through connection to source I have revealed everything of all existence into one easy to understand book of 44 chapters and 360 plus pages of color diagrams etc. THIS BOOK WILL ALLOW YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH OF OUR EXISTENCE,RELIGION, CREATION AND THE MANY DESIGNS OF QUANTUM STATE CONSCIOUSNESS ASWELL AS exercises that allow you to quantum state meditate and release your own natural DMT through training. THIS IS THE BOOK WE SHOULD HAVE ALL HAD WHEN ENTERING THIS CONSTRUCTED MATRIX OF ENERGY AND VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY. After 2 years creation and alot of investment it is my pleasure to present this book and know many will awaken from these teachings and reach there true form of spiritual enlightenment again.

    Two versions are available from the link below. scroll down and you will see the cover of one consciousness. Easy to Read is the Hardback version and For on the go is the paperback. Hardback is bigger and better quality in cover. The paperback is smaller and portable. Both versions can be found in the Spiderwize Bookshop link below.

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    The book is listed as either " the true meaning of the Mandela effect reality or One consciousness- simulation of consciousness instruction manual. Thanks all and I hope my hard work beings great insight for you into all these lost teachings we have as physical forgot but as spirit always remembered deep in our subconscious energy fields.

    Copyright 2016-2018 +
    Spiderwize publishing house
    Game on proxuctions

    Thanks all and enjoy my work and please remember your a spiritual energy and nothing is really anything else apart from precieved perception of explaining the collective consciousness vibrational construct energy game we call Life.

    Peace love and Respekt everyone. AS WE ARE ALL JUST ONE WITH MANY EXPERIENCES.👊👁🙏👍😁

    "True message of the Mandela effect reality"
    by Anthony.W.White
    Game On Productions
    Published by Spiderwize Publishing House

    Design Assessment Feedback
    "A vibrant book with lots of energy!"

    Astral Tv Psychic Tanja Van Loo
    "I love this book so much Tony it is amazing how much resonates with me"

    "Medium & RN Usui Reiki Master"
    Kimberly Ketelaar"

    In Praise of One Consciousness (Instruction Manual)

    This is an impressive and welcomed marvel. Its a GEM in a darkened world. There are wonderful stories here, along with in depth and deeply personal sharing. In this terrific book… manual….Tony White truly knows how to teach and make things easy to understand. As a map out of Hell… a way out of the ego mind-set of Fear, unworthiness, lack and separation. Tony shows us how to read the map.

    Thank you Tony White for this beautiful, practical and timely book …which is sure to assist many in thier quest to find out the TRUTH of this reality!

    "And many more testimonials worldwide"

    + Before Christ / After Death –
    B.C= 2+3=5 A.D=1+4=5 everything is and always has been created in Duality Design & all equals the same message that everything is created by the ONE SOURCE.

    ( 5+5=10= The One )

    The masses must return to the Christ energy consciousness of universal creation!

    Being a Consciousness wayseer this book offers explanations of the higher self and our electromagnetic vibrational reality. The laws of creation. Religious true meanings from Source. I have been into Divine knowing and through a real life miracle I was connected through my tether and Christ to source and revealed everything of creation. Quantum Reality. All the questions left for us in life. I teach consciousness. energy and creational law of reality. I am a Spiritual teacher,  Wayseer and Reki master. An Awakening Psychic and have created the Book  ONE CONSCIOUSNESS: The true message of the Mandela Effect Reality – Simulation of consciousness instruction manual. 41 years of trauma and events created my path to enlightenment and I am going to reveal what those secret societies like the freemasons and illuminati dont want you to ever know as the only way for you to know is to communicate with the Source light force intelligent energy of the ONE that is the master of this simulated construct.

    "Through thy single eye thy whole body becomes full of light"

    ( Through your third eye or indigo chakra you can connect back to your true form of being – The electromagnetic self aware light energy of consciousness to become the true you again) 

    My teachings are very contriversal subjects but need to be explained for us as the collective to advance in understanding of creation and allow us to once again remember what we have always known at subconscious level back from our spiritual essence.

    To understand reality one must break free of continuous indoctrination and become at peace and reconnect to you're spiritual body. When Divine knowing is reached war becomes peace and peace becomes war as with understanding reality changes form allowing what all ancient yogi , sharman ,healers understood about the universe. We are Duality Love IAM as whole as judgement of God is Judgement for creation and GOD IS PERFECT. 

    This is not a feel good spiritual new age book. It is what Plato , Socrates and others of the taught ancient day knew but could not word as understanding simulation reality wasn't even a thought in the BCs. Everything is created by ONE perfect source of consciousness neutral energy that we create from spirit as a collective manifesting our electromagnetic vibrational reality with our inbuilt angelic abilities of subconscious collective creation.



    This book is to bring enlightenment into a world that has lost it's way of our true selfs.
    It is the Instruction Manual that we needed to understand our constructed reality and
    retrain our spirits of the consciousness connection we all have to God or the self aware abundance of electromagnetic intelligent energy that through our spiritual bodies we create from the deemed afterlife.

    We are all in a simulated virtual reality of physcial illusion and have all forgotten that we are all divine creations of the ONE SOURCE OF CREATION playing a designed experience that we as a quantum identity need to advance to spiritual Enlightenment
    as our own quantum state collective of consciousness once again and remove all the boundries of all the subconscious barriers and control that has plauged mankind to the point no one is remembering
    our true herritage and forgetting we are all pure lights of the most astounshing creation in design, and blueprint of what we call GOD, SOURCE OR THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

    After you read this quality designed book you won't see reality the same ever again!. 300+ pages of soul awakening information and subconscious barrier breaking stages of enlightenment. This could be your path to remembering who you are again at spiritual levels many wont even start to understand exist.

    Tony white – Teacher on Youtube SRPHD
    view my teachings under playlists.
    (spiritual guru ,wayseer & energy master)

    Copyright 2017-2018

  2. As far as Stan Lee, by the last Avengers movie, I'm assuming they would mean Age of Ultron which came out in 2015. I know this was AFTER that premiere, but 2016 was a year of such celebrity loss that I could see people easily losing track of who died before or after that point… Especially if they were climbing the ladder age-wise.

  3. The reptilians and hybrids consider this real deception. Give me a break. There are a few hackers in a basement somewhere screwing around trying to rewrite history. Don’t they understand Humans are crazy and this will soon be a running joke? I actually enjoy going to these videos to see what the hackers and architects of stupid have come up with now. Don’t loose grip or site of what is real. We are in one reality. FOR NOW

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