1. How much did you say this was? And how much are the paper separators, or whatever you call them? It's roughly a 10x speedup. It does free you from that one job, but so you have an extra 50 minutes in one day … is that really a productivity increase … the have to have something else to do, or does it mostly free you from a job you just do not like or want to do?

  2. Just out of curiosity, If only one seedling is placed in a 'comb', can we be sure that it will grow into a good crop? I prefer hand transfer planting because i can select only healthy saplings for the field. Can you please comment on this…

  3. Why not just plant seeds in the ground ? I mean the tool is nice and all but why all the effortand unnecessary work of tilling, starting seeds in pots, then planting little plants in the ground, when seeds will grow plants just fine in the soil by themselves. Especially if you use the wood chip method of layering wood chips on top of the soil as a mulch. You will be able to grow just about every thing and more you ever wanted much better, just by putting seeds in the soul. See Back To Eden, the official film with Paul Gautschi for details. No tilling, no watering, no fertalizing, and no transplanting. So much easier and way more productive. All this work is unnecessary honestly. I used to even but transplants in pots. It just makes no sense I found. Maybe to atoes you would use transplants, but not much else. And im not eeven sure about tomatoes ill find out soon.

  4. Does this tool work better on certain plants? Also is there a follow up video?

    This is revolutionary. I have chronic pain issues in my arm and will help me so much.

  5. Nice idea. To bad, you can't make it so it can be pulled behind a small yard tractor and plant all your 4-8 rows at one time. Maybe make the Seed pack trays stackable.

  6. Conor Crickmore's Neversink Farm


    uses these paper-pot devices. They're wonderful. Makes truck vegetables viable as a source of income. Or let's say, MORE viable.

    These are demonstrably superior techniques for farming that make much of what we now do obsolete. Unless I miss my guess, there won't be a self-respecting town in America that doesn't grow most of its own produce.

    The number of people they can feed off TINY parcels of land is breathtaking. It's a lot of hard work, kind of like getting and keeping a tropical fish tank clean. You have to be very disciplined to properly condition your soil, but once you've got it dialed, it's amazing – and I'm not a girl who uses this adjective for everything under the sun,.

    Anyway, with these tools, you can dial in whatever plant density you want. One of the things Conor does on his for-profit farm is he plants seedlings VERY close together in perfectly conditioned soil. After years of radical weed removal, his land just doesn't have very much seed pressure. Just what blows in from the surrounding land.

    I can see this and other permaculture-type ideas becoming a preferred lifestyle for many people, especially the no-till principles, especially retired people, who move out of the cities and set up on a couple acres in the countryside. It doesn't take much to do all your greens, except maybe asparagus, which would take some doing, to out-compete the transportation and distribution network.

  7. Hi Curtis…really appreciate the videos. We have been using the transplanter and loving it. Recently found out it is not going to be allowed under National Organic Production Standards in the US. Are there plans to make any changes to make it acceptable?

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