The Top Ten Amsterdam Coffeeshops With Jimmy Nevski – Part Two

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  1. Why would u go to amsterdam for weed, way to expensive and a lot of times bad quality, u should visit other places and not amsterdam because people made amsterdam bigger than it is.

  2. Why the fuck would anyone from California go to amsterSHIT to buy our own cali herb. CALIFORNIA WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE AND OUR WEED IS GREAT . We got the best soil on earth and the best weather. Perfect climate for the trees to flower…

  3. Man you talk about California weed like it’s crack. Our weed is just weed. I get stuff from clubs all the time that kinda sucks. You can do some research and get some California strain seeds and grow your own amazing weed. A lot of our seeds come from Amsterdam anyways. Anyone anywhere in the world can grow awesome weed with a little knowledge.

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