1. What happened to draining the swamp? WTF!?! If that happened and wasn't all hype he could get shit done. But instead fake conservatives and republicans are pussies. I like what dinesh desousa talks about. That dude is truth. Styx should run for office and real libertarians like Larry Sharpe should run as dems or republicans so they have the platform to actually get elected. Enough talk. Time to put the money where the mouth is. So sick of this nonsense its time to fight back for real.

  2. Why would they worry is anyone fired Mueller? Mueller has nothing on Trump. Almost two years into the burn and Mueller has nothing but democrats continue to cling to the hope he has the silver bullet that will take Trump down.

  3. i think this whole trump is going to fire muler nonsense is in reality just a cleaver play by the dems to drump up a fake controversy and then use that as a reason to get the house to craft legislation to protect mueler. they will then use that protection to make it so mueler no longer has to worry about getting fired for doing shady things and try to get him to get dirt on trump through methods that would normally not be allowed. they are doing this because even after 2 years of investigating they have managed to find nothing on trump and are desperate

  4. ARE YOU SERIOUS? You REALLY think I or anyone I know is going to support your work via donation, when you use PROFANITY? My husband and most of our friends would NEVER watch your channel! They stick with the mainstream news media where nobody swears, and they are clueless! They think Trump is an evil, lying racist, they have never heard of Tommy Robinson and the Muslim grooming rape gangs, they think Islam is a religion of peace and that we have to help "refugees", etc. And what makes me SO MAD is that you are SO POPULAR! HOW CAN PEOPLE LISTEN TO YOU?? What is WRONG with you people?? I tried to watch you a year or so ago, because I had heard that you were popular, but I had to turn the sound down and start ranting about your language! And you are STILL cussing! THAT IS TERRIBLE! Oh this makes me furious!

  5. On the speech end … Trump should just avoid the formal, prepared speeches entirely, and instead leverage more eloquent extemporaneous speeches with some preparation and less impromptu speeches. (a lot of his stuff seems to border on the latter, or is totally off the cuff and spontaneous)

  6. Those investors have really milked that investigation Muller must needed a nice retirement bonus,.lol,, every day investigating is a payed for day on his private lake.

  7. Mueller, a Veteran served his administration, no matter how rotten it, is! Veterans to Trump, Heroes, Mueller has been given the chance by POTUS to redeem himself. Redeem and confess he has done! Mueller has been ridden hard, he has been a faithful Marines! Trust, that Mueller is a Patriot and has given 45 the goods! It is all about the plan, and Mueller will be a hero soon, trust POTUS! Mueller did what his country asked of him, however, the Clintons will be dragged through the dirt and nothing will happen to them! They are America’s first family and have brought shame, just as Obama did. The bottom line will be the book of History! The DNC have assassinated themselves! They will be documented as the MOST CORRUPT Legacies to have presided and served the people of the United States! Spit ball their libraries and nobody will care!

  8. The left desperately wants Trump to fire Mueller so they can impeach him for obstruction of justice. Constantly screeching about it is some kind of reverse psychology ploy.

  9. Trump IS a threat — an existential threat — to the Deep State. If anyone is squawking about Trump being a threat, it is a good bet they're part of the Deep State, a.k.a. The Swamp, and Trump was elected because he said he'd drain the swamp.

  10. but Mueller can't come up empty-handed at this point so he's either going to lie or he's going to 'make a federal case' out of Trump's past real estate & financial dealings
    with Russia & then infer some treasonous shit based upon that info…

  11. Pres. Trump is using the Mueller investigation to his political advantage. Why should he fire Mueller? It will come in handy for the 2020 run. He can point out how much time & money has been wasted by Mueller. He can also point out how it kept him from getting a lot of his agenda through. It's a win/win for Pres. Trump! 🙂

  12. Just like the elections when democrats lose, it’s all about suppression, voter fraud, etc… if mueller doesn’t say trump colluded the left will say it’s a fraud, mueller was blackmailed, mueller is corrupt, ueller is paid off. There is no win situation if the left does not get. It’s way

  13. Senior leadership on the left knows Trump won't fire Mueller but they are very afraid of declassification and disclosure…I believe this is the real reason they oppose Whitaker (he seems to support max disclosure).

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