1. I was skeptical about this until my GP prescribed me Zoloft for no reason at all. I only needed to get a refill on a benzoyl peroxide gel for an acne problem I had. At no time during that visit or any other visit did I ever say I was depressed, had PTSD or had any psych issues at all. I took it for a week then threw it away when I realized what it was.

  2. Please make a video on akathisia, dystonia and dyskenisia. My partner's life is ruined by the side effects and what he is going through with the symptoms is worse than any hell I could ever imagine.

  3. Last week Roseanne Barr was interviewed by Howard Stern and said she's on Cymbalta, she struggled to form sentences and I blame the pills. Dr Rhonda Patrick once talked about SSRI's making people more likely to harm others, on Joe Rogan Experience

  4. Hi, I happened upon your book in 2000-2001 while under the care of a supposed specialist for post concussion syndrome who was also a psychiatrist. It was a workman’s compensation injury after a pair of parallel bars collapsed while I was crouched below to support the leg of a very heavy and large woman with multiple sclerosis, so an Orthotist could assess her. The assigned doctor placed me on one antidepressant, Effexor, which had a stimulant effect, as well as Ritalin and provigil. I was on at least one sleep agent at a time as the stimulants prescribed prevented me from getting natural sleep. I was beginning to have problems with swallowing and dysphasia as well as slowed bowel motility. It was my primary care physician who suggested I titrate off each medication, one at a time, and take a medication holiday for life, in order to save my life as she pointed out that within one to three years I would likely end up w a massive heart attack. It was that year and with her help and referral to a geneticist, I diagnosed w a connective tissue disorder, EDS, which also contributed to the rapid cycling of drugs through the liver and so I suffered from many side effects from these prescribed drugs. I was also diagnosed during the course of that period of treatment with granuloma tissue disease of the lungs or possibly sarcoidosis. I did not consent to a biopsy as it would have entailed cracking my chest as they were too tiny to biopsy but were thousands. When I asked my psychiatrist the workman’s comp doctor to help me titrate off he refused, so with the help of my primary care and the pharmacist I titrated off each med. it was difficult as I was raising my daughter alone at that time in my thirties. But with their support I was able to do it. I offered your book to the workman’s comp psychiatrist doctor and asked him to read it but he handed it back to me accompanied by a shady grin. I fell asleep behind the wheel once running a stop light while under his care and he offered no help so w my hour long commute to Wilson NC from stones NC I told my primary care what happened and it all went from there. She believed in me encouraged me to go back to medical school, and that meant so much. It is my goal to become a naturopath one day.. the granuloma tissue disease is gone as the last CT I had in 2012 showed I reabsorbed all but three of thousands of spots (granuloma) from my lungs. And I contribute that to the Gerson therapy diet and detox therapies. Thank you so much for your book because it started my thinking to question the care I was under which Was for me Toxic Care for a concussion and without seizure for which I only needed time off wok for, but never “got.” I finally moved from NC to Va where I healed from the granuloma tissue disease and head injury; your book and my primary doctor saved my life. Thank you so much. And I hope I didn’t write too much but I want others to know that there is always hope and power in knowledge and those who care. God bless you and keep you in His perfect care.

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