Pot TV LIVE at The Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup 2018 in Saskatoon

POT TV – Watch The Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup 2018 LIVE from Saskatoon ALL WEEKEND on Pot TV! The show starts TODAY at 3PM PT with Cannabis …

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  1. Fabulosity.
    Don't laugh, but don't you have to wait like a day (or half-day) to be done with one strain before you can attempt to properly identify the effects of a different strain?
    Ideal would be a cannabis cruise (designed specifically for testing/judging) strains where all possible forms of a particular strain are available per day – and then it is removed completely to be replaced by products of another strain. The "winners" would be determined on the last day of the cruise, and no one could lie really because everyone would have consumed the same thing and would have been poised to note the general vibe each day.
    When do we leave? 🛳

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