1. Wow it’s so funny that even talk shows like this fat obese maggot talks shit about Russia.

    Seriously if the guy dies a heart attack or if America or UK blow its self up then I’m glad the West is dead.

  2. So…a Brit moves to America, tackles all challenges of trying to be funny and popular — and ends up being unfunny, irrelevant and, basically, a media whore. But, James, let's look on the bright side: You're rich.

  3. I love how making fun of ordinary people’s private lives is considered disgusting and when it’s the private life of a celebrity or politician it’s considered hilarious. Nice one. Let’s talk about your cholesterol level.

  4. All(!) drugs are DECRIMINALIZED IN RUSSIA. You must have 100 kg of weed to go jail (or sell). 100 kg is the actuall number! There is a drug weight – degree of punishement chart. Police brutality was fixed too, I got caught 5 times and 2 times I even handt got any punishement. Yicket for up to 6 gramms of weed is like cost of 4g of weed.

  5. I see Russians in this comment section asking why the world is picking on them.. I can only speak for myself but shooting down a civilian plane with around 300 innocent civilians from The Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia and taking no responsibility is my reason. Not even cooperating with the research.. Putin is a scumbagg.

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