1. Dun Meng deserves a Medal of Honor. He's an underappreciated hero in the Boston Marathon bombing and he probably single handedly prevented Times Square from suffering the same fate.

  2. Tell Mark Wahlberg the guy who almost beat a guy to death that he is not the representative of Boston. Tell him we don't want his scamburgers here! We are sick of this guy ripping us off and doing nothing but be stupid. He does not represent Boston. Know that.

  3. the thing that upset me the most is not one person just smaked him in the face as hard as possible multiple times and im happy he ran over his own brother the stupid fuck got what he deserved and im happy in the movie (hopefully irl too) hes wife saw her husband torn the fuck up cause pls she knew exactly waht was up her and her lawyer upset cause the movie "portrayed her wrong" bitch stfu if there is a hell i hope they are getting their dicks chopped off for enternity.

  4. This is a good movie based on true story, and at the toward the end of the movie, I recognized some of the discussion we, CBS 12 Radio Station-moderator, made during the event.

    We used google map to locate a terrorist or Boston bomber, where he left off on foot, luckily we had information the exact street location to track him to the white boat and and the Boston Police did brilliant job with the information given.

    Unfortunately, the aftermath has been a total nightmare for me, even with other major cases that I was involved.

    Some of the individuals-best description is, "Con Artists," are often causes confusion with the communication line within the State of Alaska.

    But, still residing at the village of Newtok, Alaska, and beginning to notice some of the individuals here at the village of Newtok, Alaska tends to overact with the certain subjects.

    I am the one who made a phone call to CBS 12-Radio Station using the pay phone at the Newtok Native Corporation.

    Paul Lincoln(John)-Late Gunnery Sargeant Charles Cunningham's Private Investigator, Anchorage Police Deparment

  5. Boston has several excellent hospitals-one reason help got to the injured so quickly was that volunteer doctors and nurses were set up at the finish line to deal with dehydration or heat exhaustion. Even soother wasn't a single operating room available for over a week-all of them were working 7/24to deal with the horrible injuries "flash-bang'and "speed bump' caused!Both of them were "refugees", by the way, in the on country grants and student visasFor people supposedly fear of their lives at home, they felt strangely comfortable going back for "visits."

  6. rented the movie..{$2 blue ray at Red Box Youtube!}. Unbelievably Rotten Tomatoes gives it 80%…it's an hour of getting to know victims, cops, perps their brothers, lovers, sisters, kids and cousins. It's 5 min bombs, blood and gore, 5 min police shoot out, and the rest is talking. Lots and lots of talking.

  7. I worked in the hospital that fateful day and it changed my life forever. People coming in with missing legs arms … flesh torn from body.. but what I remember the most was everyone coming together to do everything in their power to make sure those people lived! I will always love my city no matter what happens in my life! #bostonstrong

  8. Its a interesting movie. Great depiction. But the fake interview with the Bomber's wife is rather distasteful. A rather huge insult to our constitution, especially when none of it actually occurred.

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