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Nobody messes with these sisters. Tiffany Haddish and Tika Sumpter star in #NobodysFool, NOW PLAYING in theatres! Get tickets now! tickets.


  1. The funniest thing about these obnoxious black comedies (every black comedy) is how they always get such terrible ratings, yet every black person I know advertises to one another "That shit had me dead bruh!!"

  2. Ok but who's seen this and is it actually funny bc up until the end window scene ( which I found funny ) the sister from prison seemed wildly exaggerated and it bugs me a lot tbh

  3. I saw the movie today in a movie theatre.  Don't bother to go unless you like another Hollywood cliché ridden movie with a very predictable ending and stereotypical characters.  Boy meets girl, boy has sex with girl, boy fights with girl, boy get jealous, boy makes up with girl, they all kiss and make up and  live happily ever after. How many times is Hollywood going to remake the same stale heterosexual plot?  I only went to see this movie because Whoopi Goldberg's name is attached to this movie.  And she has hardly any screen time at all.

  4. Okay, that's what this is about. The ONLY reason that I would even pay this movies any mind is because I like Whoopi. Because, I can't stand that Tiffany Haddish stereo typical loud, boisterous, classless, messy, belligerent, over sexed (aka "ghetto" black female crap! It irks my nerves! So, until it comes out on tv. I just saw "Undercover Brother" a month ago because I didn't feel like going to get the remote. Looks like we're going to see "The Grinch".


    I saw this last night, and for an R rated Tyler Perry movie, it wasn't that funny. This movie had too many plots, I don't understand what's actually going on. The jokes are forced all the time, and the comedy wasn't that funny. I thought that the characters were poorly written, and Tiffany Haddish 's character, Tanya, is one of those stereotypical ghetto women. Also, the part where Tanya tries to find a guy that's catfishing Danica, they had to use a two guys from the TV show "Catfish" on MTV. What was the point of having them in this film? Also, if Danica was told that she got catfished, she would have been upset, but she really needs to move on and forget about Charlie. I guess there were some parts that made me laugh a bit. What is 1 parts where Chris Rock says that he knows Kung Wheelie, and the part where Tanya said that she'll "f-u-c-k some DNA u-p". But anyways, I would have liked this movie more if the characters were more likeable and well-written. I just hope that the new Madea movie that's coming out next year will be funnier than the last two.

    I give this movie a 4/10.

  6. They always show the best part of the movie in clips. The underline of this movie would of been great, but so much sexual content, black women stereo type if she isn't very successful and horney than she's ghetto and horney… This movie is not for everyone… I couldn't finish it got up and left… Tyler Perry did it again . How about making a movie little girls of color can be inspired by 👎

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