1. I just found your videos and am happy you are still making them. Thank you.This is a bit off topic but i hope it is okay to ask A couple years ago, I started having dreams about herbs, and comfrey was one of my first teachers. it is a miracle herb. I have never seen burns heal so quickly. i infuse it with apricot seed oil. Gung-ho, I made a tincture. I use the tincture in lotions, and first aid when i am out of oil . It seems to work nicely. In a 2009 video you said you do not make comfrey tincture because of the alkaloids that are produced. What does that mean? How does it affect this sweet friend? Thank you .

  2. Where have you been lately love your videos and where's Monica jean been also want to see you two making things and I love watching you teach the people in the hands on coursees

  3. be clear people who may think she is claiming itll cure cancer, she chose her words very carefully and most doctors that are mainstream will agree that being healthy and using herbs and such can help especially the immune system. lets not even get started how if you are getting treatment for cancer how much pot helps with the bad side affects 🙂

  4. I love you very much Susun Weed. I can never thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me and everyone else. It's very amazing of you. I've found chaga mushroom to be very helpful to my friend who has cancer.

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