Making Dandelion root tincture – Easy Herbal Medicine with Susun Weed

Susun talks about harvesting roots, shows us dandelion roots and leaves. She then shows us how to prepare the roots for tincturing. Dandelion root tincture is …


  1. Thank you so much Susan for sharing your absolutely wonderful & gifted knowledge.
    I so appreciate watching you and all your videos very much. A lot of knowlege & I have learned a lot from you. Recently, I found out more about my Grandmother when she lived in Europe (Lithuania) back in early 1920's. She too was very knowledgeable in making her own tonics, tinctures, medicines, such as you.
    My Aunt said thats what they did in the old country to be healthy & survive.
    I feel that energy in myself.
    Thank you again, Susan.
    Blessings, Love & Light

  2. hi would you know if making clove oil with vodka/as the source for the fluid is ok and do you have any videos of how to make clove oil/tincture thank you any advice welcome as i am just becoming aware of natural remedies mel in uk

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