1. If this was a simulation and whoever had control of our consciousness (assuming thought process included), whoever is doing the programming probably wouldn’t want us to find out it’s a simulation, so they wouldn’t let us think about it. And they probably wouldn’t allow anyone to watch this video to get the idea this is a simulation. They might want us to get the idea it is a simulation to see how we react though. But if it were me, I would take the simulation as far as I could before revealing to them they are a simulation, and we still seem to have a long ways to go before our destruction. Most of earth has air we can breath, there are still the necessary supplies and there are no super technological advances. Way back whenever, people couldn’t even imagine a phone and here we are, with phones. So who knows what’s to be discovered in the far future? Or maybe that we are already developing ideas of extremely intelligent A.I and hover boards and time travel and instant portation means that we are already near the end and that’s why the programmer is letting us have the idea we’re a simulation. I don’t really buy into any of this (partially because it’s unsettling to me), so you don’t have to either

  2. The REAL human race, for which we could possibly be created from. run simulations 'or us, to create a some sort of GOD. Maybe that's not their intention tho. Maybe the post human race 'Our creators' they still look like us and behave similar to us, or rather we look and act like them. Maybe we are just simulations of their biology and imagine the collected, combined experiences of every single human being experienced by whatever gathers and collects this info or rather experiences it and lives it as we did but also evaluates these experiences bases on a form of virtues, right, or wrong which the REAL humans gave this god based on their societal values. This God could have acess of every one of us and our collected wisdom and it POSSIBLY communicates with their REAL world. Maybe they all have cameras in every inch of their world. Their rooms, bathrooms, everywhere BUT it's not monitored by people But this intelligent "GOD/ super computer". Which can see everything in their world and interact with them. No crime at all. And maybe WE are as close to being human as this super computer /GOD can get.

  3. Well, when you think about it, simulation theory is plain bullcr*p, first of all there is no computer in this universe that could run complexity as our universe.. If you combine all computers in the world into one machine, it would not be able to run a life of 100 human beings, it’s way too complexed (organs, mind, perception, thinking, environment, smell, feel, taste, movement, talk, laugh, breathing etc.), now imagine what would it take to run whole universe including all of humanity, it’s impossible, unless there is a super-mega computer a size of galaxy… even loading stuff as we look at it is bad, worse than preloaded.. If you are a gamer you know that when map is loading your fps takes a hit… would be the same if this was a simulation…

  4. It’s funny that you think the computer would have to have a giant size. Our I phones today have the computing power of all of nasa in the 60s. The only way computers would get that big is if we actually didn’t progress technologically.

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