HI SISTERS! In my tutorials, I often tend to skip over a lot of really important information. I feel like you guys are makeup masters, but I always forget that I have so …


  1. Okay so Iโ€™ve been struggling for so long with trying to keep my smile lines from creasing and nothing works! I try and bake them but it ends up just looking cakey with unwanted texture ๐Ÿ™ if anyone in the comments or James knows any tip for tricks, help a sister out!!!!

  2. Wet blender is amazing. I've been doing this for years.. I can wake up with a full face of makeup the next day and it doesn't look like I woke in it. It looks flawless still. I'm loving the peach powder and have been using it since the first day it came out. Yas! Sister!

  3. EYE MAKEUP Oh my gosh. Honestly, I am totally the WORST at eye makeup, but that's like my favorite place to apply makeup because I have freckles, so I don't really like to do a super heavy makeup routine, but I would totally LOVE an eye makeup video!!!

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