This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Mr. Canucks Grow life. Harvesting some of the biggest autoflower buds of my life in this one. These are grown with …


  1. Dude those are some XXXL Cola's!!!! I'm growing some White Widow and my harvest is about a week away…. 2 days of dankness and then its the trimming phase… do u have any tips on nutes and soil? I'm using Plagron Royal Mix with Alga Bloom and Green Sensation…. any good?

  2. Here in Canada it is legal to smoke and buy Marijuana and also to grow four plants but we have one problem we can only grow seeds from the government and they are not selling any at this moment and u can not grow those from online.

  3. Hey man great video!!! I love your methodology. You really know how to pack on weight bro. I am curious about the MEIZHI light, how long do they usually last for? It looks like a really good buy I just wanted your opinion on it. Thank you

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