1. cannabis is legal in NORTH KOREA ..why this is because the gov understands theyd have a mentally ill oppressed populous without it …i ask..what draconian bullshit is the west planning on its people..PRISONPLANET

  2. I salute Paul Flynn. Seems like a lovely guy deep down. Shame others like him and Dennis Skinner don't run the country and instead we're lumbered with dithering dinosaurs and greedy fat cats who are terrified by what the Daily Mail has to spread about "the dangers of super skunk". I hate this country!

  3. Yes! You got my support man, when I walk through the streets and smell cannabis I smile, the more people do it the the higher chance we have of lifting this prohibition and we have the right to choose to use a substance that is less harmful than alcohol and less addictive than tobacco, you dont even need to smoke it, as Paul Flynn said (in the full version of this speech) Claire Hodges used it in her tea for medicinal purposes.

    Also try to inform those who dont know about cannabis or think its dangerous, its really not that bad, It would be healthier to be a pot-head than an alcoholic.

    And of course people who use it to treat illnesses should not be labelled criminals too, it is very important that this injustice stops.

  4. police dont even bother you if you dont make a scene of it…. but truth is we have to break the law when bible says i give you every green herb and for you it shall be for meat…. and also i tell you, every plant my good father has not planted shall be rooted up….. 2000 years later we're still smoking in heaven bro….

  5. We got be careful with what we wish for… governments are sneaky and might give you bullshit strains!
    Also, I don't care whether the authorities allow cannabis or not, I'll be consuming anyway!

  6. I'm trying to stop drinking alcohol I'm 25 An it's been my crutch for over ten years , weed helps I can't afford it or deal with the stress of illegal dealers , SO CAN WE FKIN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

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