1. I don't care about the coil needing replacement. I mean I rewick every time I use a different flavor. I have 5 tanks and and RDA will probably buy another RDA.

    But I am pretty damn certain if I do this with kief or add kieft to one of my juices the tar of the kief or weed will not only gunk up my coil and ruin the wick after the first hit/dab/kief or whatever you put on the coil, it will also stain the RDA it self, making it stink like shit until its thoroughly cleaned. If you've ever cleaned anything that has tar on it (like a bong) you know this is a hellish chore thar requires some fat cleaner etc.

    Also, you will still be burning the fucking kief/material not vaping it so you might as well use a bong…

    I wish there was an easy way to mix weed or at least kief in to eliquid. tempted to throw some kief in some eliquid and poor it over my coil but it just seems counter productive to me unless I can manage to dissolve the kief. Don't feel like slowly cooking eliquid for hours with kief in it so the thc extracts. Which probably won't work that well without some good animal fats in there.

  2. I just build a fat fused Clapton's stove top coil with no wick drop dab on coil dab then repeat it is hands down the best way!! Not this garbage with wick and ejuice is a waste u can't recaim and it's a watse

  3. Also, another reason for the wick is that if you have no wick the coil can actually break if heated too long, sometimes just a couple of seconds can break the coil if there is no wick

  4. DON'T hold fire button all the way during hit, you only need to heat it a little.
    It works ok if you're desperate or need discretion or just don't have any other means to dab. But it fucks up your cotton so be prepared to change it after the session.
    Also it probably wastes some product, I don't have much experience with wax as I only smoked it this way and from tinfoil (which is even worse).

  5. Ive been looking into this for awhile now, nice video, im waiting for a consensus about mixing PEG400 and other e liquid, mix together with dissolving concentrate into the e liquid to make a vape that works on RDA/RTAs all the time and very discretely for the go? What are your thoughts my man?

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