1. My question (perhaps worth a video but it may have a short answer) is how does CBD compare with some of the other novel treatments coming out for PTSD like Ketamine or TMS? No doubt there has not been time to do comparison studies, but I'm particularly interested in the glutamate action of Ketamine and whether this has a parallel or different-but-compensatory mechanism of action via CBD? Or does glutamate not directly get affected except insofar as a refraction from the PTSD changing state?

  2. Great video Doc, I knew I had PTSD. I grew up in a very bad neighbor hood wear people getting shot at was a daily occurrence. My friends were shot in the face by a shot gun right next to me. I've seen a lot of bad things a kid shouldn't. I have Anxiety and Panic disorder. I hate going to public places were I can't control the situation. This is probably why I have High Blood Pressure.My PTSD was caused by a very Dramatic and dangerous childhood.

  3. Fantastic! You mentioned not knowing any other Doctors who look into CBD. I highly recommend Dr. Robert Melamede, he has several videos going into the deep science of cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system.

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