1. I think the recreational use of cannabis is bad for one's health. Nevertheless, the plant does have some substances in it which are beneficial and can be used in medicines to treat various diseases. Everything created by God is good. The plant is not evil. The abuse of the plant is evil.

  2. I'm young male. I'm Muslim, but I don't look Muslim, I don't have long beard (I clean shave or keep a bit stubble), I also wear western clothes (e.g., sneakers, t shirt, button shirt. Long loose pants, jackets, hoodies, jumpers, etc.. I don't speak Arabic, but I have memorised half of the Quran in Arabic. I pray about twice a day. However, I smoke cigarettes and I also smoke a lot of cannabis – cannabis feels wonderful.

  3. I use it as a topical pain reliever. And I take cbd oil, which does not affect my mind. It helps with my pain and uplifts my mood a bit, but it never changes my ability to respond or think straight. I’d rather use medicinal cannabis than the harmful chemical medication doctors offer ya.

  4. I smoke cannabis occasionally, I also follow and respect Dr. Shabir Ally's arguments but here I didn't find the argument quite compelling. What about people, who smoke it occasionally and responsibiliy. I live in the West, I don't do drugs or drink. However, sometimes to relax myself and have a good time with my friends I smoke and we do not go for driving. It helps me alot in my anxeity, work-related stress. To say that we must abide by our religion and that cannabis also falls under the same category as Alcohal seems to be pushing it. I hope Dr. Shabbir can produce more valid argument, as he is the one I really follow, thanks 🙂

  5. I used to suffer a lot with my neurological condition and had to take multitude of drugs. God answered my prayers with this plant God had created: Not to be tarnished by recreational use, but to ease the multitude of conditions that sin have caused. The plants all aspects are important (not just CBD). I take my medicine in the form of tea or vapor: never smoke. Medical cannabis is wholesome medicine if used right, but in the long run very demanding and exhausting solution if it containing large amounts of THC or other psychoactive compounds. I believe this plant can be useful when used correctly but not a long run solution: that is only the act of seeking God. God bless.

  6. Cannabis is only harmful to adults when abused by smoking it. Smoking anything is not good for you, but cannabis can be used in foods, oils and vapor which often are more effective than smoking. It does not cause increased risk of mental disorders when taken by adults with developed brains. It should only be used by children/teens/young adults with a medical need for it, under a doctors supervision.
    Cannabis does not lead to loss of control like alcohol does. Alcohol reduces ones inhibitions and causes them to do things they normally would not do sober, cannabis has no such effect. The closest effect cannabis has to this, is increased intake of food.
    I myself am a Christian, I have not read the Koran in its entirety, but I do know that the Bible speaks very favorably in regards to Cannabis. Kaneh Bosom was the key ingredient in the Holy Anointing Oil that Jesus used to help heal the sick. They did not smoke cannabis in biblical stories, but they consumed very large amounts of it orally and topically, with nothing but beneficial effects.

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