Cannabis is Coming. The Challenges and Promise | Lucas Birdsall, ICC

With CBD, hemp and cannabis knocking down legal barriers globally (and most likely close to where you live,) what are the challenges and promise of the …


  1. Game changing so much that they are taking our pain meds away so they can hand us some Cannabis which does not help severe pain patients..One thing to have it as an option another to shove it down people's throat.

  2. A healthy society? Have you looked out the window lately? We have more legal drug addicts than ever before, and now our kids are drug addicts, thanks to big pharma. Cannabis treats these people so much better than opioids and doesn't harm the body. Instead of pushing these companies that want to keep us from real medicine, you should be pushing for people's right to grow and teaching them how to make their own medicine. Why should people be denied living pain free and feeling 20 years younger? It's a shame that people believe the lies instead of learning the truth. THC, along with CBD, IS THE CURE. Anything less, is a crime to think that man is smarter than mother nature. Get educated and stop falling for the CBD scam.

  3. Global legalising is a great benefit to those who want to herd stoned sheeple more easily. The trick is to steer then slowly so they don't take fright and bolt before they enter the pens leading up into the chipping stations. This should make the road to hell sooooo smooth. Stop kidding yourselves people, the underlying goal is to sedate the 'Rank & Vile' so they don't become completely revolting whilst being culled by programs like chemtrailing, and vaccinations, and garbage food, and fluoride. So why not add a tok of THC for breakfast to smooth all that out to start the day. Baaaa! 'Dumb enough to eat grass, or smoke it. Fit only for slaughter is what the Bible says of most in these days as it was in Noah's day which God had to drown off. Fire this time!

  4. Lior, at Wealth research group was talking about this company recently in his newsletter. Solid opportunity. Wrote a grt report of the co wealthresearchgroup. Com/World great read for investors

  5. It is a stepping stone. It also has real medical uses. It reduces the nueral pathways in your brain it reduces your abilities without doing physical damage but your brain never recovers the lost pathways.

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