Canadian Legal Cannabis Review | Blueberry Lambsbread | Whistler Cannabis Co. | GWNVC’s Vaporizers

– Today we’ll be covering the strain Blueberry Lambsbread Pre-Rolls by Whistler …


  1. That packaging, though… all this plastic shit! I really hate that.
    We've only got medicinal cannabis here, in Germany, for about 1.5 yrs. It's been a nightmare finding a doctor and get my insurance to pay for it – even though I have severe MS. Then again, I am getting up to 100 g of Canadian cannabis a month. It's not always top shelf, but beggars can't be choosers, eh? 😉
    Cheers from Germany – and if you want the best vaporizer for use with a glass bong, click my name. 😉 Even got an English review inside, ja!

  2. As a vaper (who is too lazy to buy a nice grinder) I love to buy prerolls to try a new strain or farm out since they’re usually cheaper $/gram than the flower and some premium producers sell in eighths and larger only….down in WA state btw

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