1. Love what you and the MAPS team have been doing, Rick. Just donated a few minutes ago.

    I was wondering how the therapy sessions are conducted/structured? Is it patient specific or is there somewhat of a (for lack of a better world) "formulated" approach to the therapy? Hope that makes sense…?

  2. Thank you MAPS! My careful use of psychedelics changed my life with regard to post-divorce depression. I now use them occasionally for a mental "check in" and to keep me on a healthy spiritual path. I've been a MAPS member since 2016 as I deeply believe in their work.

  3. I have a childhood obtained traumatic brain injury, as well as PTSD. Because psychedelics are believed to enhance neuroplasticity, I wonder if any serious speculation has been done about the possibility that psychedelics might help people like me?

  4. I want psychedelics for motivation and anxiety and social issues. But I also have adhd and schizophrenia (and seasonal affective disorder and computer addiction (undiagnosed)). I am going to try whats legal but what interests me is mescaline because its effects sound like they would be more appropriate to me. I would love to try peyote because it has diverse alkaloids but, obviously I don't want nausea plus its illegal etc. Why not lsd- it can promote overthinking, which is basically my default anyways. Why not shrooms? Idk. Maybe they would be fine. I tried sublingualing salvia before, really anticlimactic. I tried pot, laughed alot then later minor anxiety laying down in bed with light closed eye visuals, but thats it. And I am trying some hawaiian baby rosewood seeds sublingual, I tried 3 (chew 30 minutes spit it all out to avoid nausea) last weekend and it did some jaw grinding sensation but I didnt oblige it and someone told me that magnesium can stop that so easy fix. But next weekend imma take all my electrolytes n stuff, then chew 6 because I didn't get any notable effect. I mean, its similar a little to lsd+beer they say but without visuals so may not be the best but eh. Its legal. And after that if thats anticlimactic imma try smoking salvia, or a larger dose of woodrose.

    But a problem I foresee is therapists abusing people to get repeat customers to keep their job, like how therapy already is, right. Plus selling the mdma themselves of course. I would feel alot safer if all this stuff were just plain legal, no gay(non-literal) therapy needed. Why trust others and put myself at risk. Though, thats just me being very frank, and its obviously related to my psych issues, there is a real world concern as well. But I do have swords and stuff here so, hopefully I don't get too weird with all my belongings lol. But hbwr and salvia have body highs so I doubt imma get too freaky.

  5. Fantastic news! Onward and Upward research will prove the power of psychedelic drugs to heal wounded minds. The revelations experienced by those seeking Spiritual advancements from the 1960’s on through the use of LSD, Peyote, and Mescaline we have known setting, fellow psychedelic Spiritual travelers, music, art all add to the experience. Thanks for all your work to prove that these amazing drugs be utilized as what they are medications that provide deep insights of our minds,bodies, and Spirits.

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