25 Things To Keep In Mind When Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is hard. There’s no denying it. Trying to quit can feel nigh impossible at times, like digging through a brick wall with a toothpick. Still, there’s …


  1. I quit in January 2018 it will be one year January 2019…..What helped me to quit was looking a my 1 year old grand daughter face when I would go out for a cigarette it would break my heart that look she gave me was why are you leaving to go smoke are they more important then me that is what did it…plus my sweet granddaughter is allergic to cigarette smoke..
    The doctors said I have better lung capacity I breathe easier I don't smell like smoke and am all round add years to my life were smoking was taking years from me.
    I didn't quit cold turkey my son in law help me by starting me out vaping and I've almost given up vaping I'm basically really low on nicotine now I'm hoping by the end of the year I'm no nicotine at all and my vape juice and I can just walk away from vaping. My hardest thing was when I quit it's finding something to do with my hands because you're used to having something in your hands I started playing more online games to keep my hands busy and it helped I don't even think about cigarettes no more I can't even be around cigarette smoke they smell like they're stale and nasty right after I quit smoking about 2 months after they started tasting bad I took one cigarette and I'm wish I never did and I'd like I am glad I quit so someone who has been smoking from the age of 14 I am 46 now that 32 years of smoking I did quit while I was pregnant with all three of my children I started out make sure their life started out good but I always seem to run back to it as a crutch and I haven't yet and I've gone through some trials this year I quit smoking but I keep looking back at that sweet angel face and realizing I'm doing the right thing cuz I'm going to be around a lot longer for her I know they say don't quit for somebody but when you have the sweet little granddaughter looking right at you realizing why are you why is that more important I knew it was time and I've been ready to quit so anybody can do it just go for it your body your mind your soul everything will feel better

  2. As Robin mentioned below, vaping is 95% healthier than cigarettes and I agree with that. It doesn't smell anything like cigarettes and a lot of it has a pleasant smell. Society really needs to consider that and loosen up on the e-cig restrictions and bans. If it were more convenient to vape in more places, many more people would switch from cigarettes to vaping.

  3. It may help to get roll-your-own and learn to roll by hand. This helps in at least 3 ways. It makes you more aware of how much you smoke. It fulfills the ritual part and having something for your hands to do. And rollies have much less tobacco in them than commercial ciggies.

  4. Jail. Jail does it every time. I quite heroin and smoking because jail. So ya in a way jail was a good thing for me. I battled heroin for 6 years smoking for 15. 2 months in jail changed everything. I still remember the first time I layed on a mattress after being homeless for 2 years. It was heaven

  5. Everybody talks about quitting cigarettes; I don't hear much about people quitting pipes and cigars. Neither do I hear much about quitting RYO as opposed to quitting commercial cigarettes. I'd like to hear about any differences.

    For the record, I smoked commercial cigarettes for 20 years, RYO for 20 years, a pipe and the occasional cigar for 9 years, and put it all down four months ago (I'm 61).

  6. allen carrs easy way to stop smoking is a book . read it and youll stop smoking. i promise. its toooo easy. just read the book. i drink and smoke pot and do all the things i normally would around people who still smoke and it does not bother me in the slightest. ALLEN CARRS EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING

  7. I've quit 3 times in my life. The first year is always the easiest for me, with the third year is the hardest. The third year of non smoking is when I always slip.
    Although I'm finally in year four. 🙂
    My cravings get worse with time, not better. I've also found that nicotine products (like the patches) made my cravings unbearable.
    I vape using the zero nicotine oils, and it helps.

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  9. I quit smoking, I personally didn’t think it was that hard, just whenever you want a cig or something, just tell yourselves you’re not addicted, then change the subject or find focus on a different area .

  10. My mom quit cigarettes about 10 years ago and I started vaping nicotine for almost over a year. I have much respect for her and people that choose to quit because the withdrawals feel terrible.

    For people that have never experienced what it's like to quit it's not something you just drop, it actually has physical side effects. I get quitter's flu and it's so hard to focus on things which makes working even harder. On top of that you're thinking of not only smoking but you want to smoke just to not feel the withdrawals instead of the actual smoking, so it's a constant catch 22.

  11. I really appreciate your firm approach to this subject, Mike. I can feel that you really want us to quit. I've tried a few times and got insomnia, nausea (no vomiting, just "dry heaves" that bring tears), cold-like symptoms that caused my eustachian tubes to fill up with water, chest pain, constipation, the whole works. I've given up, but your delivery of this video is making me consider trying again. Thanks, Mike and List25!

  12. I quit cold Turkey when I got really sick for three weeks, I also went on a diet around the same time because my doctor told me I would become a diabetic if I didn't lose weight. No cigarettes and over 100 lbs lost later and I feel better than I ever have.

  13. Vaping is the reason I quite smoking and saved my life.
    I was smoking a pack a day from 17-24, tried everything mentioned to stop and then some but nothing ever worked, always ended up going back to the cancer-sticks.
    Been vaping now for almost 3 years without touching a cigarette, don't get sick anymore, no more cough and stopped coughing up nasty stuff.
    Will say vaping is not 100% safe but I much rather do this and feel healthier than I have in years than go back to other means of quitting

  14. Give yourself to jesus christ and repent of all sins and he will bless you with the holy spirit.. used to be a heavy user/alcoholic and smoker it was tough doing it on my own. Quitted cold turkey but from time to time i Busted and made excuses to reason. jesus is the only way one can be free from all addictions and struggles of the world. Godbless

  15. I quit smoking 22 years ago after smoking 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day (packs of 25). I quit cold turkey after reading “7 steps to a smoke-free life” by the American Lung Association. The first instructions in the book are to “keep smoking while you read this book”. It is full of helpful information and coping strategies. I won’t say that it was easy….I cried everyday for the first week….but I did it! I had been smoking on and off for over 20 years. Just do it! It’ll be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself! And don’t worry about the weight, it comes off naturally, usually within 6 months of quitting. I’ve never looked back! You’ll be so happy once you’ve done it – Best of Luck! I’m rooting for you! ☺️

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