1. Raw Honey and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with 'The Mother' makes my candida much much worse (ITCHING!); not so with red wine, balsamic, and filtered pasturized honey. ???! or Raw Maple Syrup! Raw Maple Syrup seems to feed the good bacteria, not the bad bacteria. …. they are right about oregano essential oil though. I get good results with that.

  2. Usefull tips but some big mistakes aswell.Saying essential oil to take with juice and will be a bit hot is not a good idea at all.Essential oils always need to be disolved with another oil such as olive oil,water doesn't disperse it and can really hurt,and juice doesn't disperse it either.Also large amount of meat is not recommended because it will make ph in the large intestine perfect for candida

  3. I did so good this past week not eating sugary foods or starches and then I gave in one day and ate fruit salad, pizza and a nice huge glass of wine. 😭😭 It is hard to stick with! God help me!

  4. I would not think India is a healthy place. Its not a surprise to see a dead body in the street decmposing and people going about their business. China would seem like a zest pool, hence why everyone wheres masks. There are no dr axes in china online lol.

  5. I took 2 TB of coconut oil this weekend and woke up with terrible and intense die-off symptoms, especially a racing heart and severe anxiety. Has anyone else experienced this? It was scary.

  6. Okay gentleman. I’ve watched your videos. I’ve read every opinion on every website. I need a simple answer. How do you assess the Candida that has escaped the gut and taken residence in other parts of the body? IE your spinal column neck at the base of the skull forearm etc

  7. Dr. Axe Do I need to modify any of this if I am breastfeeding my 2 month old. I have thrush on my breast..it hurts..I am using G.V but don't like how it dyes his mouth purple. I did my best to eat clean during the preganacy and now that I am breastfeeding feeding. I had to have a crash c section. I was givin antibiotics during the birthing process which the reason why I have thrush, my baby doesn't have it yet.

  8. Undesirably Innovative fools are the only ones I could imagine would not like this video, these people know their stuff, I have an autistic child and trust me we are fighting with bermuda triangle of medicine and only stuff we have seen work is naturopathic medicine – I"M DEAD SERIOUS and thats my conlusion after years of flighting in dark with many many so called Doctors of todays medicine and I want to say to all those fighting with issues for themselves and their loved ones, get out of the evil clamps of the medical industry and try before you think you can like or dislike natural medicines and seamless – YES TRULY seamless power of herbs

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