1. Yo, we're not laughing at him, ya uptight cornholes. It's not fucking personal. Shit is funny but it's not like we think he's a garbage person. You can think something someone does is funny and not have it be an insult lol

  2. People should do a : "reacting to worst spitter ever " but they should use different types of humans like : priests, elder people and stuff like that. Tell them : I want you to show something really sad. Look how the poor boy is suffering! And then show them the video. When they laugh it would be funny to see if they can hold it back

  3. Man stuttering is so fucked up.. I’ve been struggling with my own stuttering problems for years now (since I was 5 now I’m 19). As much as I hate to say it did make me laugh but only because of my own struggles as well. Hope everyone else who stutter like me find a way of overcoming this because it’s not easy and I understand first hand.

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