1. Bad enough
    No more weed stores
    Monopoly on market
    Profits over patients
    Having to order online
    Wait times
    Costs are high
    But with all that…with millions of dollars invested in these grows of which there are 60 or more …..but they cant even grow mediocre weed!
    How can something so simple get fucked up….oh right we live in the Socialist Republic of Canukistan that's right .

  2. I see a ton of trichome stalks but almost no heads. Shaken, tumbled or immature, that is highway robbery. I tried some legal here in Alberta and all I can say so far, is at this stage of the game the only thing of value with legal cannabis, is the packaging it is sold in. I salute you for your bravery and sacrifice.

  3. OCS is set to run up an 8 MILLION dollar debt. Don't think I'll be buying anything from that website. Leave it to the Ontario government to be the only province to loose money selling cannabis. lol

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