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    03:59 Support me and Buy a GYG Tee Shirt
    04:28 Interview Starts
    04:43 Why did you write the book Gardening for Life No Money Required
    05:32 Tip #1: Build Your Soil
    07:09 What is the secret recipe to make compost
    10:00 How can you source ingredients for Compost Free?
    12:09 Tip #2: Make Your Own Transplant Pot with Newspaper
    13:09 Tip #3: How to Turn Leaves into Powder to Compost Faster
    14:49 Tip #4: How to Revive Your Soil Easily
    18:16 Tip #5: Carbon Load Your Soil
    21:50 Bonus Tip: Eat the Food You Grow

  2. Please don’t characterize all of Africa with blanket statements of impoverishment. It’s a diverse continent of 52 sovereign nations. There is opulence, cities and skyscrapers as well as slums.We wouldn’t characterize all of USA & Canada by the conditions we see in Flint Michigan or rural Alabama.

  3. you do wonderful videos , i do terrace farming now cause of your inspiration ..
    i just heard about steel chains being used as rain catchers.
    would you include it in a video that covers ways of water conservation, storage, rain water harvesting ..

  4. Good morning John.. I have some questions about seed sprouting as well as plant food with regards to planting chilli peppers in pots.. Is there any way you could help me as it is already spring here.. I'm from Cape Town South Africa and been watching quite a few of your videos over the past year…

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