1. Headband is bomb has anyone tried thae MPX oil cartridges? Pretty much just stick with timeless or kind I hear Timeless is making one called Canary which is a CBD mixture Ben told those are awesome I'm going to try one of those next.

  2. I've tried MPX hybrid and Timeless chill. I like TL chill alot mainly because it lasts longer and great tasting. They cost about $45 for 500mg, and MPX for $32. Trying to figure out why one is so cheaper. I think I've figured it out. However if I'm in a pinch I will grab a MPX. Usually MPX does a special too. Buy 3 get 1 free. Never with Timeless lol.

  3. These didn't do shit for me. It smells like bud but I didn't feel anything after hitting it for a whole damn day and I don't even smoke or dab on the daily neither. Maybe I got a bad one but nearly 45$ for this Timeless shit is ridiculous. They making this from leafs and stems? I got the chill kush vape.

  4. Subbed..good review Timeless R Best carts around here 2 try Pineapple express and Durbin Poison.. oh and NO WAY on the 300 puffs as I'm sure u found out lol like the old tootsie pop commercial 1..2…3…soo good.. lost count…gone.. ๐Ÿ˜‚ my guess about 100 for a .500. If u can get Rove brand try the Dream..

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