18+older. We traveled here to Mountlake Terrace to celebrate Rainier Cannabis 2 year anniversary! They have 20% off the whole store and other deals too!


  1. You just commented on my boys buds on a reddit sub! Called em beautiful! He hit me up instantly super hype, because I told him about you years ago! Just had to say, you made my bro pretty happy with that comment. He grow killer hydro

  2. 🔌🍃🎒🛫🚚
    Serious Inquires ONLY:
    Shipping Included
    Half(14 grams)$70
    QP/4 Ounces(112 grams)$430
    Pound(16 ounces)$1400
    2 P’s $2500
    Medical Grade Strains in stock: Purple punch, Gelato, Slimer OG, and Grandaddy Purp.
    For more info on strains, prices, shipping info, live pics/videos of what the bud is looking like, etc.,
    Instagram: BitcoinServant
    Wickr Me: RemainIncognito

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