Quitting Smoking vs Quitting Alcohol – Which is Harder?

Is quitting smoking harder than giving up alcohol? Comparing my stop smoking journey with my battle to overcome alcoholism, sharing which one I found …


  1. " I don't know why I did that"….lol. 18 years sober, but haven't kicked the butts yet. Smoking is way harder. I went to work, came home, got blitzed, woke up horribly hung over and did it all again. But cigarettes are there morning, noon, and night, since I was 13 (I do realise something is wrong with that statement). But will never stop trying. Just received one of the books you recommend today. Thanks for your videos, I have been devouring them!

  2. Almost 22 months alcohol free & today is 24 days smoke free. I always thought it would be difficult to stop smoking while drinking alcohol. Never thought I'd quit alcohol before smoking but it seems to be working out well this way, for me. Thanks for another great video, Chris ☺

  3. Been sober for a little over 4 months now. At the alcohol-clinic I was told not to worry about quitting smoking yet. And indeed I've tried and it's really dangerous to my sobriety to quit smoking. I wonder when will I be ready. Anyway love your videos Chris!

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