1. You are an angel ๐Ÿ˜May the Lord continue to bless you with the ability to heal others .. I wish I was in a legal state as I suffer from debilitating knee pain due to osteoarthritis and pain pills do not completely numb it I live in frustrating daily pain that has negatively affected my daily life and doctors will not do knee replacements because they say I am still too young at 48 yrs of age .. I pray daily that the Lord remove this horrible pain from my life .. sending you many blessings โค๏ธsending healing energy to your client from this video .. May the Lord bless him with a miracle .. may the Lord bless his family.

  2. It is so clear how much love, care, and good intention you put into the medicine you make. Sending love and light this gives this family relief. G-d bless you Becca. I knew I found you for a reason besides soapmaking. You restore my faith.

  3. I have faith this will help him ! Mom, that tincture for your nerves will help <3 I put it on some garlic bread sticks and it helps me and my pain. SO you are in the best hands with Rebeccah. She is an angel <3

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