I Sold Weed in Front of My Governor’s Office: Local Legends

Ed Forchion, AKA NJ Weedman, owns The Joint restaurant and the attached Liberty Bell Temple, a “cannabis church” in New Jersey. He’s opposed to a section …


  1. Wow
    Legit complaint about only the rich white guys being able to sell legally.
    And I despise all racist cries but this is to true!
    Rich white guys is the key words here as regular white guys are in the same boat as I know someone who grew up in the industry and has NO shot at becoming legal lol

  2. Once again blaming the white man for having a structure or platform to weed out retards like this. The day you Africans stop blaming the white man and start blaming yourselves, I believe the world a be a better place!!

  3. Sometimes I wish people smoking to get high would stop saying medical marijuana. Ya know, because you don’t give three fucks about the CBD or certain terpenes.

    Im gonna go an extra mile and say the small percentage of medical marijuana users who actually have chronic conditions care more about the specifics than if it gets you high. I think it should be recreational but I tend to get annoyed by people faking the shit I suffer from just so they can get a legal fix. Yall are the reason why this shit is seen as a drug.

    Why do I care about the specifics? With severe widespread pain and stomach paralysis I need something that will take away my pain, not cause anxiety, and cancel out my nausea to make me hungry. I like going to shops that are clean, legal and provide a full profile of the cannabinoids and terpenes. There, I can select products that best suit my conditions.. The way its intended.

    At 0:38 , you can see his area of operation is unsanitary. Thats a lotta dust with mold splotches. Those problems can end up on your cannabis.

    You ‘stoners’ can take that as offensive as you want, only pushing the ‘its medicine for everyone’ and ‘you shouldn’t criticize me because i lied to get high’ type shit.

  4. "Cannabis" has never been illegal…"marijuana" has. The legal system is a fraud, built on our use of words. There are NO LAWS, only statutes. Statutes must be consented to…you see, this isn't a country, it is a land being occupied by the US CORPORATION. CORPORATIONS can't pass laws. Can McDonalds pass laws? No. This video is full of the misuse of language…I know VICE is trying, here…but, they are furthering this confusion. Do some damn research, guys.

  5. Fu#$ governments, wanting to control everything, it's not the companies because actual competition is good if you think about it. It creates a market and regulates the economy. Think about it!

  6. Dude 'a friend of mine' bought weed in front of the house of our country's president. In front of the guards and everything, 'he' was his first neighboor for a while.

  7. The Weed man should use indigenous rights to combat this(hypercritical) bill. See
    United Nations Declaration on the

    Rights of Indigenous Peoples
    Article 24

    1. Indigenous peoples have the right to their traditional medicines

    and to maintain their health practices, including the conservation of

    their vital medicinal plants,,,,,
    Article 31

    1. Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain, control, protect

    and develop their cultural heritage, traditional knowledge and traditional

    cultural expressions, as well as the manifestations of their

    sciences, technologies and cultures, including human and genetic

    resources, seeds, medicines, knowledge of the properties of fauna

    and flora,,,,

  8. Solidarity to you brother, amazing job on calling out the structural racism inside the bill as it enriches the predominately white capitalists while continuing to criminalize and force out disproportionately black and brown people. Any legalization must come with expunging all criminal records related to marijuana.

  9. Only white guys can sell weed??? Facepalm
    Black people can own a dispensary as long as they don't have a felony.
    A black or white person can not own a dispensary if they have a felony.
    Not sure where race based discrimination comes into play here.

  10. No only problem Kevin is people won't need bullshit fake medicine from big pharma if the had real medicine from mother Earth. N the government knows their shit is a scam. Take a pill get side effects and take 8 more pills to combat side effects. It's a ponzie scheme. Weed is healing and truth.

  11. I used to go to this dudes Rasta temples/dispensaries in LA on Hyperion behind the burrito king, the one in Hollywood & the one in frog town off riverside. Such an epic place. Something special those places for sure. Recall the guard dog DEBO & that HUMBOLDT GOLD Hash/kief. Fuck good times. Right on NJ WEED DUDE

  12. He's talking shit about white people(by saying all whites in power are trying to make it impossible for blacks to enjoy the same benefits of legalization) but who was it buying all his stuff supporting his cause? The people in power are often corrupt, the mega rich are also often corrupt but those two groups can have any skin color. I like weed mans cause and agree men and women should be free to do as they please without fear of being turned into a cash cow for the government but I'm getting sick of the evil white people rhetoric. People are people are people, individuals are either good or bad or somewhere in between but no ethnic group is all good or all bad and we've gotta stop with that b.s. Race is made up anyways and our ethnic background isn't important in deciding our character. If your good its cause you strive to be good, if your bad you choose that path and you deserve to be seen as such. I dislike any person who is petty, greedy, and who cares about only themselves and if that person happens to be black it's not racism in my case and in the case of weed man it wouldn't be racism to dislike specific white men who have enacted laws that hurt Americans and black people specifically but it is racism to say that the problem is white people in power. What about Bernie Sanders? You cant generalize people just based on the color of their skin. There's been good whites and bad whites and good black people and bad black people all throughout history. So judge the individual not the ethnic group.

  13. This guy is a drug dealer and a criminal, he should be locked up in prison for the rest of his life.
    The KKK are very wonderful people, never committed any crime, cared and loved black people, never lynched or segregated anyone.

    The founding fathers (they founded a country that was already occupied and inhabited by the Indians)they cared and loved the Native Americans and were very loving and good people.

    AmeriKKKa 😂

  14. You can walk into a gun store, buy Assault Riffles and massacre 30 people.
    You can legally buy cancer sticks (cigarettes).
    You will be locked up if you ever buy weed (a plant that has never killed anyone)

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