How To Prevent and Fight Cancer Naturally And Effectively with Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)

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  1. I Love Chris and his knowledge to help people..but saying you have to have faith in Jesus.. when not all people are Christians leaves alot of people out. I'm pretty sure Jesus is important for him and that he'd say believe what is Important for you!
    I'd just like to hear him say it!

  2. Chris is an extraordinary person. His life and commitment to unselfish service to others is inspiring. There is truth in that what we want for ourselves must be given to others. For his mission on earth, he will be graced with health.


    We found out about my wifes CKD a few months back when she suffered from long agonizing leg cramps. Initially, our company doctor thought she was just dehydrated and advised her to rehydrate once in a while (Gatorade if possible).

    The episodes persisted and we decided to go to the doctor again to ask for a laboratory check-up; that’s when we found out that her potassium levels are erratic and her kidneys can’t regulate it anymore.

    We went to a nephrologists and found out that it’s worse than dehydration, the doctor ran a couple of tests and she was diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease with renal anemia secondary to hypertension. The physical suffering was no match with the emotional and mental anguish I felt for my wife during that time.

    During that period her lifestyle changed, she did countless of research to seek alternative cure for her condition; she was advised that kidneys don’t heal and the high dosage of medications she was taking is just to prolong her kidney function.

    During the research she chanced upon a  site through Google where their were various testimonies of people talking about Dr Musa how he healed them of various diseases and viruses.

    The feeling that there’s hope after all the advice that she will not be well was over whelming. She called me up  and asked me to study the site initially i disagreed but since she insisted i had to please her and grant her wish. After thorough study we contacted him with the email provided in the website, and he assured us of her cure, we ordered for his herbal medicine she started using, barely 2 weeks of using the herbs I started noticing some changes in her, so we went for another laboratory check up and the result showed she was recovering, when the doctor said she should keep on using her drugs as prescribed I just smiled in me without telling the doctor what was going on because all they do is to discourage you from using alternative treatment even though their are positive changes while using the herbal medicine as prescribed by Dr Musa, 5 weeks later we went back for laboratory check up and the doctor said she has fully recovered, its a miracle, Now I believe in herbal medicine gotten from herbs provided by nature, nature is the true healer. Thank you Dr Musa.

    Today, based from her last laboratory, her CREA is down by 25 points and her RBC went up to 13 points. Aside from that her skin dryness is less, her urine output and color has improved, lessen urine bubbles, lessen lower back pains, and lessen the feeling of exhaustion. Her energy level is increased, sometimes she still feel energized at night after hours of working and driving to and from the office.

    I have recommended Dr Musa to a friend of mine who’s suffering from Parkinson's and he is getting better, I recommended him because his herbs are very effective easy to use and natural.

    You can contact him on his email address at: [email protected]

  4. Chris is another blessing chosen by god for humanity to accelerate healing and healthy eating and living after a long due divorce from nature. And the Energy blueprint interviewer is beyond excellent in his questions and more certainly in his briefs of exchanges, commentaries etc. thank you 🙏

    And to mention that Homeopathy, and classical homeopathy precisely is the very best , all general , scientific system of healing out there

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